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240x320 games?

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  1. Zouljer

    Zouljer New Member

    hello all, i just got this HUAWEI U8100 from WIND w/
    Device highlights:

  2. baskus

    baskus Active Member

    You get the vast majority of games and apps from the Android Market. The problem with low resolution screens like on your phone however is that developers have to specifically say that their game works on low resolution screens. Some developers don't do this and thus you wont see the whole market on your phone. :(

    To do a little shameless self promotion I'm happy to tell you that my game Hamster Climb works on small screen phones and is available for free on the market. :D
  3. Stinky Stinky

    Stinky Stinky Well-Known Member

    @ baskus:

    HAHAHAHAAA!!! Very funny dude! You got soul!

    and @ Zouljier:

    Warm welcome to the forums!

    If you are trying to resize pixel resolutions for various apps then try here perhaps? :
    (Note: You might need to do a little bit of work and recompile and run through the virtual machine to get it going)

    Supporting Multiple Screens | Android Developers

    (it's a tut from Lord almighty Google themselves hahahaa - didn't read it though lol :))

    And here: (haven't read this 1 at all so be careful dude).....

    setting android application window size - CodeAndroid Developers Group | Google Groups

    Hmm, i forgot to mention this important info though...
    You CANNOT resize the resolution of commercialy bought software games. Sadly because even if you do buy the game, it means you have looked at the code.... sorry dude but you can't do this. Only open source games can you do this.

    Let me know how it goes buddy.


    Stinky Stinky.
  4. baskus

    baskus Active Member

    Whats so funny? ;)

    I don't think the OP asked for how to program for android or change others code tbh. :p

    Anyway. When the developer make the program they have to test it for small screens and say in a "config file" when they build the program that it works for this screen size and that pixel density etc. Standard is only "normal" sized screens so for those you're out of luck. :(

    Any program that is not compatible with your phone wont be visible in the market (wrong screen size, no trackball, no keyboard, etc...). It will tho, in my experience, install and maybe even work great if you download the apk separately from somewhere. This is the good/bad thing with the built in market filtering.
  5. Stinky Stinky

    Stinky Stinky Well-Known Member

    No dude, don't get me wrong i wasn't insulting ya buddy! just thought
    it was cool to see you promote ur app!

    Inja probleem - Svenska (at least i think it is hahaha)
  6. baskus

    baskus Active Member

    Sorry. :p Didn't want to sound rude or anything. :) As a small developer you gotta take every chance at publicity. Can't afford loads of add campaigns when you're a poor physics student living on loaned money. xD

    Very good! xD That's very close and is pronounced almost like correct Swedish. It's supposed to be "Inga problem". :)
    Stinky Stinky likes this.
  7. Stinky Stinky

    Stinky Stinky Well-Known Member

    No worries dude! it's all gud. I shud be more precise myself when i speak. I am not always on target when i open my mouth hahaha lol :)

    You must teach me some Svenska!! PLZZZZZZZZZ!! If you want to buddy... up to you entirely

    I can speak:

    Svenska (little bit sadly)
    English (home language)
    Afrikaans (it is a type of Dutch)

    And not that much else sadly

    Et / een / 1

    Trou / 2

    Dry / (i think this is three but don't know how to spell 100% correctly)
  8. Black Flame

    Black Flame New Member

    I want to suggest to Zouljer, a couple of games: Grave digger and Elemental Galaxy. They run on low resolution devices and on the market there's a lite version of both.

    Also, as baskus, I want to do a little self promotion: I developed a game, SkyBoards Puzzle - Lite versione (and I want to thank again Stinky Stinky for the test!), it's free and runs on 320 x 240 devices!
    See ya!
  9. Zouljer

    Zouljer New Member

    ty for all the replys, i've looked deep into your replys and studyed up on alot of stuff, ty again for all your help!
  10. elovewall

    elovewall New Member

  11. AlbertPucciani

    AlbertPucciani Well-Known Member

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