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2app,Ringer mode locker and Garbage day widget

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  1. futura24pt

    futura24pt New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 10, 2010
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    *Ringer mode locker

    I already released 'vibrate mode by force' its jammar for silent mode.its sometimes featured at market.:)
    this week I released new app 'Ringer mode locker',its High-ranking version.
    its block operational miss about side volume button.
    lock mode to always ring,always vibrate,always silent,and never silent(allow vibrate or ring only) or not lock.
    included widget to show current lock mode.I feel its become all clear about side volume button's problem.

    Ringer mode rocker v1.0.1 Application for Android | Tools

    *Garbage day widget

    I feel this app for japan or germany,and other country that have to separate garbage type to dump.
    this widget announce weekly(or biweekly) garbage day.

    Garbage day widget Goodie ver. v1.0.5 Application for Android | Lifestyle


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