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  1. xrapa

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    Hello, here found an interesting flash game at Strike Force Heroes, a clone of Android-not. Want to create one such game for android with multiplayer, where you can fight online against each other.
    You need this game?
    I will put you in our kickstarter.com?

  2. xrapa

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    Hungry Frog went on the hunt. Help her to fill his belly. Things done on time to catch and eat flies and mosquitoes. Fight with their big cousins​​, and then eat them. This will help you accelerate and plus 3 seconds, which adds additional time to the remaining seconds.Necessarily requires the Internet, and then the game will crash.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. xrapa

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    You drag a letter to the naked character with the number and he dresses and starts to sing. So you can create tracks. Perhaps at the same time use the 7 tracks.
    - 9 beatbox samples
    - 7 vocal samples
    - 4 voice effects
    You can also record a track, listen to it and save.

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