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  1. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    any ideas how to get 2G mode on ?
    ony 3G or 3G&2G mode :mad:
    Any ideas ?

  2. rickywyatt

    rickywyatt Well-Known Member

    so far i only no one way of doning this:(

    and thats with Secret Dialler Codes

    type this into dialler *983*0# it will bring you to a menu click the one thats says radio info then change the set preferred network type to gsm only
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  3. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    thanks :) this helped alot would be nice to see a 2G mode and 3G mode in settings.
  4. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    wish there was a simple app to do this as i wont remember that number is there anyway to make a simple app that will do this ?
  5. rickywyatt

    rickywyatt Well-Known Member

    there is away but you have to do a Total Phone Transfer witch is a

    Using TPT allows you to change all of the sections of your phone in one single install. This means that the BOOT, RECOVERY and ROM all get installed together.
    TPT also has the power to change other much deeper parts of the device; the first discovery has been that you can change the partition sizes.

    youll need to download x850_1.1???.rar|??|115??|115??U?-????|??????

    then look on google for a file called USDL it the program that flashs the Total Phone Transfer files go here

    Google Translate
  6. cowboy46

    cowboy46 Member

    Thanks a TON!!! You don't know since how long I have been searchin for apps to select GSM only!!! Cheers

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