[2nd Gen] how to put in recovery mode kindle fire 10.2.4?

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  1. adisagio

    adisagio New Member

    Hi folks! I did the root on my device and it says it's done, but now i can't put it in recovery mode , i tried to turn it off and on , i tried to turn it off and on and hold the button again but nothing to do, anyone know how to put my device in recovery mode? A guide for 10.2.4 would be amazing. And then what's the best rom for it?

  2. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    My understanding is you can't get to recovery without a factory cable. I might be very wrong about that. Maybe it is just the boot loader. I could be wrong. Hope someone else chimes in.
  3. adisagio

    adisagio New Member

    i got the USB cable to connect it from the Kindle to PC , is that the right one or i need a different cable?
  4. Parky4056

    Parky4056 New Member

    That is not the right one. You need a factory or aka fast boot cable. You can only find them on eBay. Now you can purchase n2aos.

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