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[2nd Gen] Kindle Fire 1st gen v10.2.4

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  1. ebisco

    ebisco New Member

    I bought a kindle fire first gen but after the unboxing.. i saw my kf have last one version of "amazon-android" 10.2.4 and with this version i can't root ora change bootloader/recovery/rom.. and also kindle fire UTILITY (xda) doesn't work... is there a possibility to put an older version than 10.2.4 into the kf so i can root it? SORRY for my bad english.. im italian. Thanks for reading.

  2. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

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  3. ebisco

    ebisco New Member

    Thank i've solve with another guide.. however.. can i install a custom rom on my 2gen of kindle fire ?
  4. devodev

    devodev New Member

    Hi Ebisco did you root your kindle 10.2.4? i can not yet.
  5. ebisco

    ebisco New Member

  6. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Moving this thread to the 2nd gen subforum.
  7. hey, when you did it did you just use the normal mode for the root?? if you can post what you did I'd greatly appreciate it
  8. enema87

    enema87 New Member

    Ciao Ebisco, to root my KF v10.2.4 I have to use only one of these two guides or both?

  9. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure this link works.
  10. eldj26

    eldj26 New Member

    Hey, please send me the guide that you used to root your kindle fire 2nd G please.
  11. adisagio

    adisagio New Member

    Were you able to install a rom? I am able to do the root but then I can not get into recovery mode, I know help?
  12. Parky4056

    Parky4056 New Member

    To root it use qemu root and bin4ry method! Worked for my 2nd generation. Hope it helps!

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