2nd replacement eve - in for repair

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  1. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    i'm now on my 2nd eve (in for repair) as my first i got in jan lasted till approx april, this 2nd one has damaged my 16gb micro card, phone said 'damaged sd card' lost approx 2-3gb on it and could no longer access it and not even able to format it. it has a 5yr warranty with only 2mths of use. then a few days later i lost all my photo's on my 2gb micro, grrrrrrr. this wierd stuff started all of a sudden. i was able to use some recovery software to get some of the photo's back, some of them were sort of greyed out and large wierd file sizes? so 2 micro cards going bad that quick is suspecting the phone. i explained the phone to rogers and out goes the phone for repair to lg. my stuff lost was not all that important so just remember to do at least 1 backup if you really want to keep something.

    i assume if they can't fix it or it's not worth it i will get another eve. oh man 3 times a charm?? i wish i got an iphone back in jan. i never had so many problems with a phone and this my last 'LG' phone i will get. 1.5 yr left on contract and off to bell i go, bye bye rogers..........your signal is brutal where it's needed in my needs.:mad:

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  2. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    i got my phone back and here is what the report said:

    Service Performed:

    the software i updated was already 10f so i have no idea what they really did and the store i brought it to (aml communciations) could not give me any more information, only what the paper work said. sheesh i can read too.

    can anyone tell me what this really means???

    the clock is still ticking away for my contract to end every day !! lol
  3. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    i hope someone from rogers or aml communciations reads this thread, oh that's right i'm just a number like everyone else.........:p
  4. terrynoble

    terrynoble Member

    didnt get these cards from Fleebay did you? many of the ones from HK/China etc are crap fake size cards........
  5. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    i know exactly what your taking about. i almost got sucked into getting a 256 or 512 gb flash drive but then red further up on it and backed away.so i got myself a 16gb duracell flash which are dane-elec in disguise from wal-mart on past roll back for $35.

    both of these micro sd cards are authentic at least i hope so, the 2gb (sandisk) came with the phone from rogers and the 16gb (lexar) came from my local staples store. the 16gb arrived when my phone was fixed via rma replacement under warranty as it has 5yr warranty.

    all i hope is the actual phone issue is fixed as this is where the problem started.
    one other thing if anyone was wondering, my phone was in for repair for approx 2 weeks so lucky for me i still had my previous phone (motorola razr) which was better than the loaner phone they were going to give me.

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