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  1. dnash

    dnash New Member

    Is there anyway to get the 2x1 alarm widget like the S3 has on my new s4? So far I have had the S4 for a couple hours and so far the lack of a 2x1 resizable alarm widget is the first really annoying difference in the phones. I use multiple alarms and the widget from the S3 was perfect. S4, not so much. Not so sure I am liking the S4 at this point, hope it really wows me or its back to the S3 for me. So far it seems that doing tasks on the S4 are more complicated then on the S3 but then again I may not have it set up to my liking just yet. The alarm widget is a must though


  2. biker57

    biker57 VIP Member VIP Member

    There are several choices, but here is the link for the one I've used a while. If this one doesn't suite you there are several in the play store.


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