3.0 superuser update update doesnt workSupport

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  1. killer101

    killer101 Active Member

    I' m using the indulge and i must say great work has been done to this phone by you guys and i appreciate it. and i would like some help in fixing the superuser problem.
    after doing some research i found this out by the same dev of super user.
    "The other reason that updating the binary fails is that your ROM Dev did something silly like putting the su binary in /sbin. I have not found a reason why this would be done, but I’ve seen it many times. The problem with putting su in /sbin is that even though you may be able to modify it at runtime, the changes will not stick over a reboot. This is because /sbin is part of boot.img, which gets unpacked and loaded at boot. The other problem with having the su binary there is that it’s almost always the first entry in the PATH. If you’re unfamiliar with the PATH, it’s a list of places that the system will look for a program, once it finds one it stops looking. Superuser will not try to update su if it’s found to be in /sbin because the change will not persist. The fix for this is not quite so easy as before and you’ll likely have to change ROM, and let the developer of whatever you were using know that they’re doing it wrong."

  2. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    we arent suposed to update super user at all...
  3. killer101

    killer101 Active Member

    really i had thought since basix we could because that rom took away the su blocking that the phone came with Im i wrong?
  4. Kaiser17

    Kaiser17 Well-Known Member

    The latest superuser isn't compatible, same thing on the roms.
  5. killer101

    killer101 Active Member

    i find that strange, all that is needed is to update the binary by moving it out of sbin i think so ill take your word for it then thnx for the help
  6. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    samsung/metro (cant remember which one) borked this phone from properly running superuser. the guy you talked to is not familiar with the ins and outs of the indulge for metro. i think that when a completely custom kernel comes out, this problem will go away but until then, dont update su.
  7. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    I am talking to DRockstar (he ported our CWM) about this now in IRC. I will update in a few, or maybe he might stop by...
  8. killer101

    killer101 Active Member

    I think I'm updated to 3.0.1 or 3.0.2 and I know for a fact I have some sort of root working every time I run an app that requires root access auperuser will do the normal thing and ask me if I wanna allot it however at the bottom it says remembering disabled due to binary outdated I have pics to show it but Idk how to post them here if instructed I will do so

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