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3 mifi and tab 2Support

  1. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Im at this precise moment sitting on a train trying to get my tab 2 to connect to my new 3 mifi dongle. Model Huawei E5331Ws-1. Ive connected 5o the wireless network no worries. But everytime I go to go online it tells me to sign into wifi network. And the admin and password page comes up. Ive logged in etc but what else. Do I need to change settings or something. Having same problem with my note 2 that im typing this on now. I know the dongle works fine because my wife has been using it in hospital for the last week with her blackberry with no problems.

    Can anyone please help.


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  2. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Well i think I sussed it. Everytime it loses signal the login page comes up. And because this bloody train is shifting it cant keep hold of a stable connection. Well at least I think thats whats wrong. Just dont do public transport. Not in a good mood. Haha

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