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3 weeks commando + Steinheil screen protector reviewTips

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  1. Amfibius

    Amfibius Member

    I normally buy a screen protector the moment I buy my new phone. Unfortunately, the RAZR was still so rare that I could not find one locally. I went a week before ordering a Steinheil screen protector. It arrived quickly, but I did not have time to install it until the weekend.

    After carefully cleaning my screen, I noticed that there were absolutely NO scratches on it. It looked pristine! This was after 3 weeks of going commando in my pocket. Admittedly I don't put anything else in the pocket which is holding my phone, but I have inadvertently put coins in there. The gorilla glass really works.

    Anyway, I ordered two packs of Steinheil screen protectors - the Ultra Fine and the Crystal Clear. I wasn't sure which to get, so I bought both :) According to the website, the Ultra Fine is a matte protector, and resists fingerprints. The Ultra Crystal Clear is gloss, and has better surface hardness (4H vs. 3H).

    The matte protector (Ultra Fine) went on first. I had some difficulty with the alignment and ended up creasing the edge of the protector, so it was toast. It was very good at resisting any fingerprint marks, but ... the display looked terrible with it on. The screen looks as if you are staring at it through a fine layer of mist. Colours were less vibrant, less saturated, and contrast was down. I did not like it at all.

    Next I installed the gloss (Ultra Crystal Clear). Unlike the matte protector, this one comes with front and rear backing. It went on like a breeze, with no bubbles. I peeled off the front backing, and was very pleased. This one looks as if there is no screen protector at all! The texture feels close to standard gorilla glass. Light transmission is excellent, and it retains all the true colours of the display.

    I should note that both Steinheils are cut smaller than the screen. There is a 1/4mm gap between the edge of the screen protector, and the edge of the screen. Personally I would prefer full coverage.

    Time will tell if the Steinheil continues to look good, but so far it looks as if the Crystal Clear is the winner. The Ultra Fine should be avoided - unless you don't mind the washed out appearance of the screen.

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  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    How does the back cover work? Does it only cover the kevlar part or the black part at the bottom of the phone too?
  3. Amfibius

    Amfibius Member

    The Steinheil does not cover the back of the phone, unfortunately. Nor would I want it to ... the naked Kevlar feels great in the hand :)
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I see, I misunderstood your comment about front and back thing.
  5. pm1066

    pm1066 Well-Known Member

    Well having mine on since mid November, I can say it looks as good nearly a month later.

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