30-day return without a contract?

  1. flynnduism

    flynnduism Member

    Bought a Motorola Droid recently without a contract from a Verizon Wireless authorised store for the full retail price of $599...

    I've decided against setting up a Verizon account, I want to stay as I am and send the Droid back in hope of a refund - 10 days since I bought it.

    Does the 30 day return policy apply here, or do you have to have a Verizon account?

  2. DarthSkirata

    DarthSkirata Member

    This should be no problem; just take the device back to the location you purchased it in with the box, accessories that come with the phone and receipt and they should give you back your money. I am a district manager for an authorized retailer, and I can tell you that I personally would be happy to take it back. We only make about $30-50 if you buy a phone at full price, but $125-$300 if you activate it depending on new/upgrade and price plan.
  3. flynnduism

    flynnduism Member

    That's odd - the rang the store I bought from and they said they had a no-returns policy. I just presumed this was standard practice.

    They recommended I try and sell the phone on eBay!

    This thread on the Verizon forums would indicate that they take returns on handsets without contract, but I'm not sure if I can return to them given I bought from a retailer
  4. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    Oh really? Have you heard any word on your side about any new Android phones? Passion? Incredible? Bravo? ANYTHING???? :)
  5. DarthSkirata

    DarthSkirata Member

    That's really strange. Generally Verizon is very strict as far as authorized retailers following Verizon's return policy. If I were you I would take a trip down there and have a word with the management. Any retailer having a no-returns policy smacks of shadiness. Make a big stink if neccesary and ask for the next person up the chain of command if people at the store won't return it for you. Also, check the receipt, typically stores have their return policy printed right on there. If what they told you differs from the printed return policy, contact your local better business bureau and chamber of commerce for assistance if you are unable to get any satisfaction from the company. Try getting Verizon involved if necessary as well, because they have significant control over their authorized retailers -- Verizon can pull their contract at any time and for any reason.
    Good luck!

    ps. Just out of curiosity, what authorized retailer was it?
    (I am gonna be so embarrassed if it's the one I work for...)
  6. DarthSkirata

    DarthSkirata Member

    I wish I had something to tell you on this. I hit up my VZW inside contacts for info every time we have a meeting or a conference call, but they are extremely tight-lipped, even with their business partners. We usually find out about device launches early the same way as everyone else: leaked info posted on blogs like engadget or BGR. They let us know with just enough time to get product shipped and our sales staff trained on if it's something they let us launch in our channel at the same time as the corporate channel.
    For example: we were officially informed about the plan changes and required data plans for most phones early last week, about the same time it was posted on the interwebs.
    We weren't filled in on the Droid and Droid Eris launch dates until about a week before they came out, and training and order availablity weren't opened until a few days before launch.

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