30 Day Worry Free Gurantee Questions

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    I've been using this link about Verizon 30 WFG Answers to FAQs and it doesn't answer all my questions mainly about the cost. I just got a Motorola Droid about 2 weeks ago and I'm having network issues. I've asked Verizon about this and all their suggestions are not working. I would like to take the Droid back and continue using my Blackberry until the Droid X is released. When the Droid X is released I will still be under the 30 WFG from my droid, but I was told if I did this I would have to pay a $35 restocking fee (which I know about) and $35 to reactivate my blackberry. Is this true or will I just have to pay for the restocking fee?


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