32gb Micro SD on Motorola Defy Android 2.2

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  1. mountain dave

    mountain dave Member

    Having used the excellent Poweramp Music Player for some time I decided to migrate a large amount of music to Defy - meaning I needed to replace supplied 2gb Micro SD with a larger one. Picked up a basic 32gb Sandisk from Amazon, backed up existing files from 2gb card onto pc. Installed new 32gb sd and copied backed up files into it, along with extra music files from my collection.

    2 problems

    - using the new card I get intermittent messages saying - SD card faulty, may need to re format. This can be cleared by re booting and all is then ok.

    - Twice, the Music folder containing mp3s has been cleared of all content leaving it empty. Re loading folder solves problem and Poweramp works ok following a rescan. I noticed the Lost Dir folder seemed to hold a lot of data, but these files are not visible.

    I didn't format the 32gb card before using it for first time and it worked ok on first install. I have temporarily gone back to the 2gb card to see if all runs smoothly.

    Is there a chance the 32gb card is faulty?

    thanks in advance for suggestions:)

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You should format the 32GB card using the phone. Doesn't matter if it worked first time. Always format a storage device before using it. Ideally you format it using the device on which it will be used.
  3. mountain dave

    mountain dave Member

    thanks for formatting info, will give this a try.

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