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  1. CleTjB

    CleTjB Active Member

    I have a HTC Incredible ADR6300, HTC says this model has a max size of 32gb, I currently have a Sandisk 16GB Class (4) in it and I was looking to get a SanDisk 32GB Mobile Ultra microSD (microSDHC) Card Class 10 Flash Memory Card. I am not sure if this Class 10 will work in my phone, should I just stick with the Class 4 model since I know that will work, I was just looking for a larger and faster memory card.


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  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Guides Guide

    the class 10 will work too :D
  3. melcher70

    melcher70 Active Member

    I have one in mine. No issues whatsoever

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