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32Gb microSD format errorSupport (Browse All)

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  1. RC51TofuMan

    RC51TofuMan Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Hi guys...
    I just bought this phone and went all out...and bought a 32.
    I didn't know that I did NOT have to format the 32 just plug in and goooo....
    anyhow...I did a format from the phone.

    It came back w/ an error damaged memory card etc...etc.
    I tried it again...and it wouldn't work.

    I swapped back to the 16 and formatted without any problems.

    Here is the kicker...

    I plugged the 32 into the desktop and formatted...then plugged back into phone....and it works....

    Then tried the reformat using the phone....the error pops up.

    Before you guys say anything i thought it could be a bad memory card. I went to Verizon got a another memory card...SAME end result. Basically I cannot reformat a 32 using the phone.

    Is this a software or hardware (phone) glitch/problem?

    Anyone care to share?

    Droid X is sold out....so i can't experiment w/other phones at the store. I was told by the sales rep this is a software issue.

    Anyone Anyone?[​IMG]


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