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  1. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    As the title says - I'm finding the 8GB just doesn't come close - rather move to 16 (which i'd fill in a minute also), I found 32GB cards generally available on Ebay - cost is less than a typical 16GB. Ebay microsdhc 32gb.

    They go off every 30 minutes - and generally sell for $40 - $45 all-in.

    Downside (as with most of these things), it comes from China - so 2+weeks for delivery....

  2. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    As an update, I just got my card (11 days - not bad from China).

    It was cheap (like $45 delivered).

    A few important tips:
    1. I backed up all the 8G to my PC
    2. After swapping cards, I had to power cycle the phone to get the 32GB working

    All in all, looks good *however* the speed is much slower than the stock 8GB for file/data transfers (guess the 8GB is class 6, and the 32 is class 2).

    The stock 8GB card moved data at around 80MB/s, the 32 moves it at 2MB/s. It means a lot of time to load that card - but from an app performance viewpoint, I don't see any issues...

    Edit - looks like class 2 is rated to 2MB/s, class 4 is rated to 4MB/s and class 6 is rated to 6MB/s - so how I was getting a reported 80MB/s on my home PC befuddles me... Possibly it was because I was *reading* the card, and now I'm getting 2MB *writing* to the 32GB card...
  3. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    Cross-posting this here - was having issues with the 32GB, but it was easily solved. After re-formatting the flash, and removing battery (not sure if it's needed - but that's what I did), all is good.

    I downloaded the format utility referenced above (version 3.0 beta) - SD Formatter 3.0 (Beta) for SD/SDHC/SDXC - SD Association , formatted the flash - then as it was taking forever (erasing), pressed cancel. This caused it to cancel the erase process, and went directly to formatting. The card formatted (FAT32) in like 20 seconds.

    I then power cycled my device (removed battery), and all is good. I'm now running a clean 32GB :cool: Thanks to the above for the idea. $40 is not all that bad :rolleyes:
  4. sharpaw

    sharpaw Member

    okay, for the class-issue. I knew that you got 80m/s was for reading speed. any card will have a much faster reading speed than writing speed.
    class 2 was made for 2m/s to read.
    class 6 was about 6m/s
    you can try to write something on you 8gb card, see i am right or not.
  5. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

  6. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    so is it better to have the stock 8GB card or move to a 16GB or 32GB? Only asking because I just replace my old phone with the 3G slide and want make sure it works ok.
  7. militarymx

    militarymx New Member

    Thanks a lot for posting this. I have been going nuts trying to find a solution to this. I had the htc Touch Pro 2 that I sold to get the all glorious htc evo 4G. I had a 16gb card in the touch pro 2 that worked just fine when i pulled it out a few days before getting the Evo. I put it in my evo and the damn thing will not mount! It will not show up with the phone connected from usb to computer, or so that it is mounted or allow me to mount. I tried battery pull and reformatting on my computer and nothing worked. It was very strange because it showed up all my files that I had on that sd card when I connected it to my computer via micro sd reader. I knew that this card still worked. When I called Sprint of course they said "oh its the card and you just need to throw it away" There rationale was that well if the 8gb one you had in there before was working and this one isn't it must be a bad card. I even suggested what about updating the driver's or reformatting and they said that nothing would work. I searched online but could not find a solution. I used to work for Sprint and know that they really don't try that hard to fix the solution; they simply look in there manual to see if it is a known issue and say whatever they can to get you off the phone so you do not eat up their handle time. I was just about to throw this card away when I came across your post again thanks so much for posting this.

    Long story short thanks for having me download the program to reformat the sd card specifically for flash sd cards rather than using the built in format on your computer. :D

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