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  1. MaxWiz

    MaxWiz New Member

    Have been thinking about getting a Wildfire but really wanted the keyboard. At this price simfree I ran out excuses and had to get one.

    Impressed so far!

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Welcome to the family! :)
  3. MaxWiz

    MaxWiz New Member

    Thanks Slug.

    The only thing I think I might miss about my N97 mini is the SatNav. Nokia do free for life very high quality SatNav and so far the built in stuff on the Desire Z seems nothing like as good - might have to dust of the TomTom that I haven't used for years.

    Other than that pretty much everything is light-years ahead of that aged Symbian OS running on a 450Mhz ARM processor.

    I wonder how long I can resit rooting and overclocking it!
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Ovi Maps? I remember it from my N95 days.... very cool.

    Google Maps is good but it's not a genuine satnav replacement. The HTC offering is supposedly pretty decent but as a tightwad Jock with no car I can't vouch for it personally. :)

    Tbh an underclock when screen-off is more beneficial. I run mine at 1.13GHz/245MHz and, while the Quadrant score is a lot higher, in everday use there's no discernable difference. Rooting should carry a health warning - once you start dabbling with third-party ROMs obsession sets in. You HAVE to try every ROM released by your favourite dev(s)!
  5. MaxWiz

    MaxWiz New Member

    The latest update of Nokia maps got rid of a few bugs and added some amazing features. The traffic updates are not only based on the national warning system (pretty standard stuff) but also use live position/speed data from other users - that is more advanced than even the most sophisticated stand alone SatNavs.

    Google need to wake up to how big a selling point Nokia's 'free forever' high quality maps/nav really is. They seem hung up on maps as adding value in searches and are happy for third parties to look after nav!

    I think Nokia's offering is the only thing keeping them going in the smart phone sector - symbian is very long in the tooth now. Time to put the last nail in the coffin if you ask me.

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