3500mAH extended battery for the ultraTips

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  1. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Been using this battery foe a few weeks... it easily triples the life of the phone.... easily doubles the thickness of the phone, very bulky.
  3. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

  4. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Does the bulkiness bother you/is it a problem for you? Hows battery life on 3g. Lol my regular 1500mAH battery drops about 10 percent every 15-20 mins on 3g which is horrible. Also how long does it take to charge?
  5. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    yes n no... lol ... its bulky!!! but now i make it through the day with no worries about dieing... unplug about 8am-ish plug back in at about 11pm-ish... stock battey would die about 4-5pm, bulky battey now still has about 65% at 11pm-ish... but you can still opperate the phone the same (just dont keep it in your shirt pocket like i used to)

    the phone still uses the same amount of power... this battery will last some where in the relm of about 3 times longer.

    ummm... longer... lol... first time i charged it was in the day, and it kept charging into the night... all times after that i would just through it on the charger when i go to bed,..., 100% when i wake up.
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  6. L0u1

    L0u1 Member

    So far Im going on day 4 of using this battery.

    • I do turn off 3G
    • I did use the 3G and GPS alot on day 3
    • This is my 1st full cycle charge (2 more to go)
    • On my 2nd cycle charge, I will keep the 3G on to see the life of a full charge.
    • I plan on using this thick battery only when I plan to use the Ultra's full functions; GPS and 3G.
    I also purchased my extended on Ebay from a reputable seller (having 1000+ seller stars) for $9 incl ship.
  7. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    Did it come with a new back and wall charger for 9 buks if so please share a link.
  8. L0u1

    L0u1 Member

    Back, yes. Wall charger, no.
  9. genezix

    genezix Member

  10. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

    can u post a pic how the phone looks with this monster battery ? :)
  11. econ07

    econ07 New Member

    The extended battery is great, but since my protective case no longer fits, I'm scared to death of dropping it when pulling it out of my belt holster. Anyone know if a protective case has been developed for this yet?
  12. Space Cadet

    Space Cadet Member

    I picked up this extended battery and case back last week on Ebay.

    New 3600mAh Extended Battery + Door Cover Case For Samsung M930 Transform Ultra | eBay

    It came from a US seller and arrived in 4 days. I used to get home from work with less than 25% power after a typical day. Now I get home with between 50% and 60% and I've been pushing the usage every day intentionally trying to kill the battery.

    The new back fits as well as the original did with no problems. The additional weight doesn't bother me much but the additional bulkiness makes me tend to be a little more careful. It's probably just a case of getting used to the different size.

    Another thing that's a plus, is that I can slip the original battery into my pocket as a backup if I need to do an even longer day. It still works fine inside the new case.
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  13. boosted150

    boosted150 New Member

    I have the eBay 3600mAh as well. $7.80 shipped.

    Makes gaming with ROMS/Emulators and Physical Keyboard WAAAYYYYY easier. The phone is much easier to hold onto, no more hand cramps.

    Like everyone else has said, easily at least triples batt life.
  14. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    My original battery don't work in the new case. If the phone gets bumped it disconects the battery then it jiggles around in new case.
  15. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    The main thing that bugs me now is once it hits 19% it says conect your charger for like 6 hours (19% last that long) before it actualy dies.
  16. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    So I bought a 3500 mah battery from amazon.. I will link which one later..

    The instructions that came with my battery was to charge for 12 hours which I did last night and I have been using my phone heavily with data, wifi and gps on at all times.

    The instructions are to fully discharge and recharge 5 times before using the battery normally.. (ie: recharging at 50% or whatever it happens to be at when you plug it back in).

    2 and a half hours ago I turned on waze. My phone was supposedly at 24% after 11 hours of heavy use. On a normal battery waze uses so much battery it will fully discharge my phone in less then 2 hours if not plugged in. Its dropped 4 percent since that time.

    Even if these percentages do not reflect an accurate reading of my charge this battery has more then exceeded my expectations. With the hell I put my tu through I can get 6 hours of my normal use with juice defender on MAX. Now I can't kill the damned thing no matter how hard I'm trying..

    This is the battery our phones should have come with. I will no longer need to put my phone in airplane mode to make it last a day of mp3 playing..

    Your phone needs this battery the way the yankees need pinstripes. Don't mug yourself by not buying one.

    The only downside I can see for it is how much larger it makes the phone but to me, as I've mentioned in previous posts.. this is a benefit. My hands are much more comfortable using it.

    Edit: @teachme hey have you tried deleting batterystats? That may give you a more accurate reading..
  17. tuanngnt

    tuanngnt Active Member

  18. bamaduc

    bamaduc Well-Known Member

    I purchased a 3600mAH battery off ebay after reading this thread. I was astounded at how thick it made the phone. But where the looks of it lack, performance more than makes up for. I pulled this battery off the charger (its first full charge) 26 hours 32 min ago from right now. Yesterday I abused it pretty bad. Also was at work where I constantly go in and out of service all day. Last night I had it plugged into my speakers and played mp3s off of it for roughly 5 hours straight. Right now my battery is at 37 %. I was pretty excited about conditioning it (fully discharge/recharge 5 times) and starting normal use with it but it looks like that might be next month some time at the rate this things going. Must have in my book.
    For the rooted guys: I run this thing at 1.5 GHz with a performance governor. When I started running this setting a while back it very much degraded my battery life. I did some digging and found a few system apps the eat away at the battery that you don't really need. After freezing these apps I got a lot my battery life back. Apps: Bluetooth Test, BrcmBluetoothServices, com.sec.android.app.lcdtest, Factory Test, Shutdown App, VPN Services, Wifi Sharing, Wifi Sharing Services, and Wlan Test.
  19. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    Just ordered a 3500mAh extended with back cover from Amazon for like $10 US shipped. Out for delivery today, so I'll be happy to not have to plug my phone in as much! With my previous Optimus M's (I have 3 with 4 batteries) I just had to switch batteries and was good, but am excited to see the difference!

    Wholy battery! LOL Its a brick! Makes phone bulkier (obviously), but still not that uncomfortable to hold and use. I don't use the slide out qwerty (used to full touch n prefer it) but worth the $10 for the extra day or 2 it will last!

    The one i ordered was from Hyperion Electronics Accessories from Amazon, the back cover fits ok, only complaint (not even that) is the top clasps won't snap in tight. Not noticeable, only by me really i guess. But overall happy with purchase!

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