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3D Films on N7?Support

  1. shaneydroid

    shaneydroid Well-Known Member

    I noticed on Google Play that there are some films (rental only since I'm in the UK) that are apparently "presented in glorious 3D". The final Saw film, for example.

    Just wondering how that works on N7? Do I just slap on the 3D glasses I got at the cinema or is it more complicated than that?

  2. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    It's not a 3D display so they won't work unless they use anaglyph 3D which you can view with red/cyan glasses, but I highly doubt that.
  3. shaneydroid

    shaneydroid Well-Known Member

    Presumably it will pop-up a warning of some kind before renting to state so?
  4. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    I watch side by side 3d and its great due to the high pixel density, all our need do is stare through the screen and get your eyes to not converge as they normally do and you see perfect 3d. I also have a pair of dual screen eyeglasses that plug right in and can display the same side by side image on my iPad.

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