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3D Gallery not working

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  1. 762x51

    762x51 Well-Known Member

    Running 3.01 and just installed the 3D Gallery app from the goodies section of ROM Manager for the first time. When run, it says "SD card unmounted or not present". Anyone else with this problem?

  2. JeeperDon

    JeeperDon Well-Known Member

    My first thought, which you didn't mention, is the SD card indeed mounted and present? Can you see it and use it with other apps?
  3. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    Also, make sure there is free space the SD card.
  4. 762x51

    762x51 Well-Known Member

    Had nothing to do with the SD card. I installed the 3D Gallery from the market....fixed the issue.

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