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  1. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. I'm a new member, so don't hesitate to correct me if I've made any errors here or if there is already an identical thread elsewhere.

    I haven't seen anything like this on the web, so I figured I'd start it. This is meant to be a list of all known working and non-working 3D games for the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. Obviously I'm not capable of making a definitive list, but I'll provide the games that I've tested.

    All games are running on my unrooted, stock Optimus V running Froyo 2.2.1. If you have any working or non-working games to add, please comment and I'll add them to the list. Thanks!

    These titles are some of the best games that have been tested, and they all work fine on the Optimus V.

    - Armageddon Squadron - $2.99

    - Asphalt 3 - N/A
    <No URL>

    - Burning Tires - N/A
    <No URL>

    - Fruit Ninja - $1.28 (Free Version Available)

    - Krazy Kart Racing - N/A
    <No URL>

    - Minebuilder - $1.41

    - My Paper Plane - FREE

    - My Paper Plane 2 - $1.99 (Free Version Available)

    - Mystique Chapter 1: Foetus - FREE

    - Mystique Chapter 2: The Child - $2.99

    - Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus - $2.99

    - Need for Speed Shift - $2.99

    - No Gravity - $4.09

    - Pinball Ride - $1.03

    - Pool Break Pro - $2.99 (Free Version Available)

    - Raging Thunder - $2.99 (Free Version Available)

    - Raging Thunder II - $4.99 (Free Version Available)

    - Skies of Glory - $2.99 (Free Version Available)

    - Speed Forge 3D - $2.84 (Free Version Available)

    - Tiki Golf 3D - $2.99 (Free Version Available)

    - TurboFly 3D - $2.13

    - Wave Blazer - $2.99 (Free Version Available)

    - Welcome to Hell - $2.99

    These titles may run on the Optimus V, but with possible drawbacks such as reduced framerate

    - Crusade of Destiny - $4.99

    - Pocket Legends - FREE

    - Reckless Racing - $4.99 (Free Version Available)

    - ToonWarz - $2.99 (Free Version Available)

    These titles either have major graphical or performance errors, or are totally incompatible with the LG Optimus V

    - Asphalt 5
    - Gangstar (And most other GameLoft titles)
    - Jet Car Stunts
    - N64oid
    - N.O.V.A. (and NOVA 2)

    These are all I can think of at the moment that I've tested. Let me know any games you've tried and your results, and I'll come back later to update the list with anything else I can remember.


  2. nitestalkr

    nitestalkr Well-Known Member

    Assassins creed
    prince of Persia
    gbcoid (gameboy color emulator)
    gbaoid (gameboy advance emulator)
    snesoid (super Nintendo emulator)
    nesoid (Nintendo entertainment system emulator)
    zynga poker
    smoke a bowl
    slice it
  3. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was aware of these games, but we're looking for 3D gaming on the device. Thanks for the input, but I don't think any of these are working polygonal 3D games.
  4. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Just updated the list with a few other games from an older thread.
  5. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    I apologize for bumping this topic again, but I feel like it hasn't received its due attention.
  6. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! I've alphabetized and added screenshots for each working game. Again, let me know if you have anything to add to the list!
  7. OptimusG

    OptimusG Member

    Nice work. Never heard of some of these games let alone they are 3D and work the the V
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  8. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, thanks! I first saw Raging Thunder II on the Optimus V (which I had purchased a week before) and I was really impressed with what the phone could handle, even unrooted. So then I've been trying to find what else it can do :p. I found No Gravity last night, and NFS:Shift the day before, and they both impress me by how well they run on this entry-level phone.
  9. LNMoton

    LNMoton Well-Known Member

    Paper Plane 2 and My Paper Plane. That's all i can find so far. I tried Paper Plane 2 and it seems to run without any problems.
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  10. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Adding now.
  11. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Added the first Raging Thunder game. Don't know how I missed that. o_O lol
  12. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Bumping with content. Added Armageddon Squadron.

    [EDIT]: Now I've added URLs for each game. If there is no URL then the game is not able to be installed by... approved methods. lol
  13. MaddawgTL

    MaddawgTL Active Member

    Thanks,this is something I have been looking for,now if I can just get a bigger sd card.
  14. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    I got a 16 GB 4x micro sd card on Amazon for $20. Check there! :D
  15. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Would be nice if you could make a note next to each app name on weather it's a free app or a paid app.

    Reason being is if I'm in the car or at an appointment somewhere in a waiting room, I'll temporarily download a game onto my phone to keep my son busy. I always uninstall when I get home.... so free games are of interest to me.
  16. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, well a lot of them have lite versions and paid versions. I guess I could put all that down, I'll try to do that tonight.
  17. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Just added price to each game. Again, let me know if you have any additional info for the post.
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  18. Leemann

    Leemann Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the thread, Do we know if mistique 2 works on the phone?.
  19. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    I've heard for some reason that the arrows to move don't show up on the screen. It seems to be a common complaint. It'd be nice to confirm or deny that though.
  20. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Nobody has any new games to add? Can anyone confirm or debunk Mystique 2: The Child?
  21. MaddawgTL

    MaddawgTL Active Member

    4 gig? No lets go bigger like 16 gigs or 32 gigs. I already have a 4 gig card in my optimusv but with 3 gigs of music and having to pull it out every couple of days and load other music and stuff on it has made me realise I need a much bigger card. :)
  22. LNMoton

    LNMoton Well-Known Member

    I didn't have a problem with Mystique 2. It works great on my phone.
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  23. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Um, no, I said 16 GB. I got a 16 GB Micro SD card with 4x r/w speed for a bit over $20. I think you misread my post.

    Thanks, I'll add it to the list.
  24. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Time for a bump! xD
  25. DaManWitDaPlan

    DaManWitDaPlan Well-Known Member

    Waited a few days, bumping again...

    I wonder if this topic would be useful enough for a sticky. Well, I guess not. Most of the stickies were started by mods. lol

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