3D world test.

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  1. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member


    Hey it's me back again.
    I need hardware testers again for this 3d demo.

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service Project 1
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service project 2

    these 2 similar project with only one difference in the frame counting code.
    In project 1. I used the exactly like how it is from the book,
    and that is
    that it's the interval for 5 seconds...
    so every 5 seconds your application will update the FPS and stuff.

    in the second one
    the FPS will be refreshed for every 1 seconds.

    test for me if the camera have a smooth movement /rotations.
    and see how much FPS I can reach.

    -Don't forget to uninstall the proj 1 before you install proj 2
    -These are for Android 2.1 only.

  2. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

    Results from my Sprint Hero (rooted and flashed to OS v2.1)...

    Project 1:
    Without moving the camera from the center of the room, rotating around displays a maximum of 301fps. Pulling the camera back a bit into a corner and then rotating I get 207~ fps. Rotation is very smooth.

    Project 2:
    Without moving from center, automatically rotating is not nearly as smooth and gets only about 60fps. Rotating from an off-center position drops to a range of 55 to 60fps.

    Also, the walls are not blue and green as in your screenshot. Walls and floor are all green.
  3. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member


    the walls are green.
    because that was an old screen shots

    I finally managed to read ms3d files.
  4. Marksmage

    Marksmage Member

    Downloading the first one now. I'll post some feedback on it once i get it up and running. I have an Eris with OTA 2.1.

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