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  1. TR21

    TR21 Member

    Up until yesterday i was nearly always getting then H (hsdpa) icon on my Hero. Now im getting the 3G icon. But when i use an app that required the data connection it changed to H. It's annoying because it takes around 5-10 seconds to change and while its changing the app doesnt seem to have any data connection.

    Does anyone else experience this? And can anyone tell me why up until yesterday it was always H and now only goes to H when the data connection is needed? I haven't changed any settings or installed anything in the past few days.

  2. Goshawk

    Goshawk Member

    As I know "H" icon is only that you been data trafic. And 3G it's not only use for data, it's for better call quality and other services. HDSPA it's a tecnology "over" 3G, of course you need 3G for HDSPA, but for mail and low data GPRS an 2G it's enought and save battery life.

    You can switch from 3G and 2G in Hero.

    Try wikipedia for HDSPA an 3G and you will see the differences.
  3. TR21

    TR21 Member

    I know the difference between them im just curious as to why my hero always displayed a H symbol until recently. Now i only get a H when i open an app that required data, and theirs around a 10 second delay while the symbol changes from 3G to H.
  4. TR21

    TR21 Member

    This is really starting to annoy me now. Could anyone who gets the H symbol please do me a favour? When you wake your phone from sleep is the H symbol always showing or is it sometimes 3G changing to H when you use any app that requires data?

  5. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    H is faster than 3G

    H stands for: HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps

    Basically H means you have access to high speed internet on your phone.
  6. TR21

    TR21 Member

    I know the difference between HSDPA and UMTS. I just don't know why up until recently my phone displayed the H symbol and now displays the 3G symbol and changes to H when i use an app that requires a data connection.

    I went a few miles away and was getting the H even when not using data, so i think it's somethings in my area, but according to my provider theirs no problems.
  7. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    Oh right sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick. Yeah probably something to do with your area.
  8. cdmackay

    cdmackay Well-Known Member

    I find a similar issue; we are on the border of a 3G area, so most of the time my phone displays only G (for GPRS), and occasionaly it flips to 3G, and when this happens it merrily flips back and forth as data flows.

    but I have seen it sit solidly on H when in an HSPA environent, regardless of whether data is flowing.
  9. UnderWhat?

    UnderWhat? Well-Known Member

    Background data usage.
  10. TR21

    TR21 Member

    I was thinking the reason it could have always displayed a H is becuase of backgroud data, but i haven't changed anything so why would it stop? And why when i go away from my house, and the phone switches cell towers, does it display the H even when i close all apps? I think my provider has done somthing to the cell tower nearest my house.
  11. khornet

    khornet New Member

    Hello TR21

    i have exactly the same 'problem' .Since a few days , i only have 3G icon instead off the H ( i usualy have before ).
    Now the 3G icon become H only when i connect to data and go back to 3G very quickly .
    I'm looking over the web for a few days ,expecting to find someone with same pb .
    everything is working fine but i need an explanation why this icon change to 3G one day ? i sware before i never saw this 3G icon but onlythe H icon.
    I live inside paris and i'm sure HSDPA coverage is ok .
    if someone can give us any explanation ?
    i change sim card = no result
    check registry = no result (everything was right )
    try to flash and Hard reset phone 3 times = no result
    Phone is HTC touch HD on French ManiaHD rom (rhodium type rom)

    thanks in advance for any idea about this strange problem.


  12. danieltdp

    danieltdp New Member

    I would guess that some app was doing background transfers and you updated it. The new version is more polite and don't transfer data all the time.

    The switch from 3g and H by it self is not a problem. It happens on my phone all the time but it's instantaneous. This lag between switches is probably something going wrong with your carrier and not something with the phone itself
  13. Djstearling

    Djstearling New Member

    I had that problem I have a 3g symbol that always switchs to e but my phones post to be 4g
  14. naps

    naps New Member

    I believe getting a change between h, 3g and g is all to do with the signal you have in your area. I.e in city areas where mobile phone masts are everywhere you will get, more than often a h or 3g connection. In a more rural area or a certain building, that may cause bad reception, you will get 3g, if lucky, or mainly g or no data signal. Very similar to the bars on your signal. The more masts you near the better the connectivity. Sorry also forgot to mention that it also depends on the type of mast installed by the mobile networks. For example in Spain and some other european countries you will get an e come up 'edge' this is due to the mast they have installed. As technology continues to develop these masts will be updated and in the the near future we will have 4G connections which will be even faster.
  15. ImDaMan26

    ImDaMan26 Member

    Hi there,

    I am with Rogers Wireless and I'm located downtown Toronto, Canada where we have HSPA+ available throughout the GTA. I have a brand new Sony Xperia Arc and I can tell you right now that I do not get a constant H signal on my phone. In fact, at any given time of the day if I'm home or at work (both in downtown areas) I can flip from H to 3G 5-10 times in a minute!! In fact sometimes, I'll be loading a page and the H will appear and then immediately flip back to 3G for no given reason. I can confirm that it does not cut the data transfer as the arrows will remain active but I do see a few added seconds in the loading time on 3G then when it hits the H the page instantly appears.

    Now, to me it's not a big deal but I would much prefer to get a constant H as opposed to a 3G. And for reference purpose, I assumed that 3G was up to 3.6mbps and 3.5G up to 7.2mbps. My phone says it can go up to 14.4mbps (which I'm sure I've never reached).

    Rogers advertises its HSPA+ network to be up to 21mbps although I doubt anyone ever reaches or constantly gets that much speed anywhere.

    Anywho, just my input!
  16. Twoddle

    Twoddle New Member

    I have A Sony Ericsson Experia X10, and at home I always receive a G (not 3G or even 2G) data signal.

    Recently I updated the software on my 'phone and discovered thereafter that I was unable to re-activate my e-mail service. This continued for about a week until I found myself in a location where I was receiving an H signal. I tried the e-mail application again and it immediately worked perfectly, and it still does so, even though I'm back home now.

    Was that a coincidence, or did the H signal do the trick?
  17. Galaxy mini

    Galaxy mini New Member

    That's very simple,(h) icon meaning that your phone using the hsdpa for high speed download using the 3g networks, when it appear there's a traffic data, and that's happens when you download some files and/or you set some apps using the back ground data (at this situation the (h) icon appears only when these apps updating/refresh the information) when you finish your download or back ground data finish updating the (h) icon change to 3g icon to tell you that you're connected to 3g networks.
    Some thing else, the (h) icon appears when switching network towers because that google location services updating your location every time you change it, and this option also use (hsdpa) if youset your phone to 3g networks.
    My english so bad but I hope that helpful
  18. Galaxy mini

    Galaxy mini New Member

    There's no problem with your phone, the hsdpa isn't a network by it self, it's meaning that your phone is using the 3g networks for high speed download (hsd...) technology, and you will see the h icon only when you use your phone to download somme files, or when your apps that using back ground data to refresh or updating those information, when your phone finish downloading , the h icon change to 3g icon to notice you that's no traffic data, but you still connected to 3g network
  19. Galaxy mini

    Galaxy mini New Member

    Simply, the 4g network doesn't coverage your aria, so your phone search for available networks, and connect to 3g, if isn't available too, the phone will connect to edge(e) as you said
  20. hhudda

    hhudda New Member

    Well for me (and my Samsung Galaxy s2) the H and 3g data service has been dependant on network.

    Up until last week I was using three (UK) where I was constantly on H - no problems, and now I changed to Tmobile (UK) and my speed is very very slow and rarely on H (constantly on 3g or G!). Even now as I type I was on H 2 mins ago and now has changed to G (no speed at all)

    I'm not sure if any of you have fixed the problem or has it been because of what network you're on but I am surprised that three has better speeds than Tmobile.

    Thanks in advance -
  21. ShaykhAbdul

    ShaykhAbdul Member

    The H Icon Will Only Appear When Your Phone Sends Or Receives Packets Of Data And When Your Phone Is Idle Just To Indicate The Network Mode Android Shows A 3G Icon For Example, When You Are Downloading Any File Then The Sign Might Change To H But Between That It Will Change To 3G At Some
    Intervals Just To Indicate That The Network Mode Is 3G
  22. liviococcia

    liviococcia Active Member

    I've notice the connection flipping between 3G and H & H+ much more since updating my UK SNote with the official Samsung 4.0.4 UK GT- N7000 firmware through the 3 network. I know there's nothing wrong with phone it's like a member who posted here said, the second I go use the browser, or email app the connection flips from 3G to H then H+, especially more so if my signal bars are low (displaying 1 or 2).

    I thought as others here had that maybe there was a problem, or corruption with the phone now it had been updated, so I reset and recovered the phone again this time using Samsung's Pc software 'Kies', installing everything upto ICS 4.0.4 firmware like it had been received this way out of the box.

    My provider is '3', and I know that when I'm in a strong signal area the flipping between 3G to H & H+ is either none existent, or very minimal only really showing itself to do the change when the screens awoken from sleep mode, briefly showing 3G then it's straight to H/H+.

    But at home because I'm on the fringes of a 3G signal, with no 2G transmission from the '3' network anymore to support my area, this seems to be the conditions when the flipping over of 3G to H/H+ changes constantly, only choosing to upscale the connection when absolutely required, I'm guessing this is a kind of 'user contention' system that the 3 network might be employing, evoking it as 4.0.4 was release through there network , now especially with the 'all you can eat' data tariffs and large sales of the Galaxy S3's

    All I can say is, this seems to be how things are working for me right now, I'm sure that over time signal strength's and connection speed will only get better, now that the likes of iphone 5's, and SNote 2's will be soon here to push them.


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