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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davespils, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2010
    I am really happy with the Nexus since getting it 5 weeks ago and have got a lot of good advice scanning this forum but for me the one thing that lets the phone down is the 3G coverage.

    I am on Vodafone in an area with good 3G signal but I seem to be constantly on Edge or GPRS is there anything I can do or is it a hardware issue that we hope will be sorted out.

    I am sat in work and a colleague of mine has constant 3G on his HTC hero which I find really annoying. It is letting the phone down in my opinion.

    Any advice / information - thanks.


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    Well I am in the same boat as you of sorts, as I am also on Vodafone.....

    Initially, I did have some concerns about the phones ability to connect to 3G at decent speeds, especially when compared with my wife's Hero.

    To be honest, I only turn the 3G connectivity on when I need to in order to save battery.

    Do I think that the 3G reception is a slight weakness of the wife - probably, yes. But in reality, it connects to 3G when I need it to & when it is available in my area.

    What I have noticed, is that since rooting the phone & flashing a custom ROM and updated Radio, it "Feels" that the 3G reception isn't as much of an issue as it "seems" to be better.

    This is a reoccurring theme on the phone on different forums. On XDA this morning, I noticed that some people have reported better reception by changing a setting (only available by rooting) on their phones.......it may be incorporated as standard on Cyanogen's next ROM version, as it does not exist on the stock ROM. I won't change it manually, until it is on the next custom ROM that I use.

    A more complicated subject this is than I initially thought but there are things you can do to improve matters - the choice, is yours :)

    [ROM] CyanogenMod-5: Kang Central Station (STABLE) [03/23/2010 /] - Page 708 - xda-developers
    This subject is discussed from this page onwards on XDA for those who are interested......

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