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  1. moondrius

    moondrius Well-Known Member

    I live around that area and was thinking about trying out At&ts lte network out due to having similar problems with Verizons network when switching between 3g and 4g. I have been eyeing the GSII for awhile now but if they both have the same data issues I might as well stick with Verizon.

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    What sim card do you have
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    No no no....display

    My phone displayed in our travels

  4. jayrod88

    jayrod88 Member

    My sim is just like that except it is blue where yours is green. I had 0 problems with my AT&T GS2. I can not connect to LTE at all in Chicago with the PTA APN. I had to add a new APN to get 3.5G (hspa +).

    Can anyone confirm that the sim with green is REQUIRED? I set up a customers phone with the orange and blue one and it got LTE.
  5. nazgul855

    nazgul855 New Member

    The sim card I have is blue where yours is green, however, I saw engadget had pictures of the old and new sim cards along with the SKU numbers, I was able to match my SKU to that of the new LTE sim card, so I don't know if the color really matters.
  6. sylentmode

    sylentmode Member

    Do you have that link?
  7. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    mine is all orange...connects to LTE fine, but doesn't transition from data type to data type smoothly...

    new SIM is free so I will try and find an att store here in Vegas and get them to swap...but no LTE to test on here :(
  8. pokey89

    pokey89 Member

    Congrats Mr. Ed on getting married sir. 23yrs for me with the same woman. It is a great thing. Enjoy your time in Vegas. 2 days till you get married. Nervous yet?
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  9. nazgul855

    nazgul855 New Member

  10. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with the skyrocket?
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Nah...just hungry :D
  12. jubjubrsx

    jubjubrsx Member

    think he's trying to say the problem is its to fast.....
    lmao but no one is on the att 4g LTE network outside of the handfuls that bought the SR or the htc phone....i'd like to see how that speed is still when they get another 50k users on it
  13. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Well-Known Member

    I think he meant the quote "The Skyrocket, on the other hand, was not an afternoon delight. It was a complete dud, in fact, showing an average down speed of 3.95 Mbit/second, up of 0.94 Mbit/sec, and a painful average 316 ms ping. That is awful latency," but they recently updated that something was wrong with the phone they tested on or something.
  14. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Moving to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket forum.
  15. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    All of the reviews so far are showing super fast speeds in the LTE markets. (shrug).
  16. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Well-Known Member

    So, I'm in Orange County most of the time, or somewhere in Los Angeles county, do you think we'll expect to see 4G LTE sometime near in the future? I mean, I can imagine Los Angeles being a probable choice for the remaining 6 markets for 4G that's expected to come out by the end of the year as by AT&T, but at the same time, not sure how expansive it would be as I never really enter the city of Los Angeles itself...
  17. colton033

    colton033 Member

    My skyrocket has problems with switching from LTE back to 3G and back to LTE. I have to actually remove the battery to get it to work right. This is something my sales person told me I would have to do when I bought the phone. He was hoping that Samsung would have a fix for it soon.
  18. colton033

    colton033 Member

    I am having the same issues on transferring back and forth from 3g or wifi to 4glte. It will go to wifi fine but coming back isn't fine. My store rep told me that this might be an issue for Samsung to fix. I have had to in some cases, remove the battery and that will allow it to use LTE.
  19. sylentmode

    sylentmode Member

    Ive switched my apn and i no longrr have the data connection issues, but depending on the area my speeds dont spike as high as they do with the default apn. I also havent been back to a lte area to try with new apn setting to ser if this is a fix or not.

    The att rep was clueless, he gave me a new sim but ot had thr data issue right away with the default apn. It was another blue sim they didnt have any greens
  20. GSimmons1987

    GSimmons1987 New Member

    I'm in San Diego and when I have full reception I can pull in anywhere from 8-10mbps on HSPA+. I owned the regular S2 for about 3 weeks before exchanging for the Skyrocket and would get only 2-3mbps in the exact same spot.
  21. Jellz

    Jellz Well-Known Member

    I got true HSPA+ 4G speeds yesterday night about 15 minutes from my house. I was like "hmm, 5 bars may as well run a speedtest" and got a whopping 9mbps down. When I got home and tried, I couldn't break 3mbps down.

    Bleh. I have a sneaking suspicion that I was right next to an AT&T tower when I ran the one speed test and didn't realize it.
  22. jslanger

    jslanger Well-Known Member

    Hmm...I was doing fine on day #1. Today is day #2, and I was driving down K St here in DC, getting FULL bars of LTE...and it kept having connection issues....saying no data connection, etc. Cycle it off/on and it'd work very briefly.

    Worked fine with apps like Facebook at the same time, but not pulling up pages via the web browser.

    Checked the SIM card (new) against the link above, and appears to be the LTE friendly version. Seems to be working ok at this moment, but taking out the SIM card made me cycle it off and on again...
  23. FireAndroid

    FireAndroid Member

    I just started having this problem today and I've had my phone since the 6th. Several times of no data connection even in my house where I didn't have problems before. The green bar for active applications would be red and have text that read something like "battery program.." I'll check my SIM later and maybe drop by an AT&T store to ask them about the problem.
  24. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    Acording to the link posted above I have the propper sim card, yet 90% of the time on my new vivid i have no data connection.

    Interesting that the att guy I am working with said he personally has not heard any other reports of data issues. If there is a big thread about data issues with the new LTE phones point me in the right direction, and then maybe i can turn him onto it when he call me back tomorrow. We have gone through some simple tests first. He has asked me to try my sim in another hspa+ phone, which I will do tomorrow to see if it works propely. I am also going to try the sim card from my wifes atrix in the phone and see what happens.

    One of the guys at BB said he had a guy come in with the same issue with the skyrocket. Said he talked to someone at ATT and found out there seems to be a compatibility issue with the unlimited DATA plans, and that for that customer they put them on the 2mb plan for 5 days, which at the end of those 5 days would convert back to unlimited, which should then work right. Unfortunatly when we called up noone at ATT had any knoledge of any of this.
  25. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Happened to me today.. no data.. took 3 reboots

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