3g disconnects almost exactly every 5 mins

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  1. doclobot

    doclobot New Member

    In NYC/Brooklyn my Sprint EVO 3g disconnects when streaming internet radio, like clock work seems to be almost exactly every 5 minutes it disconnects. ,:mad: Tried 3 different apps, xiialive pay version, Stream Furious free, Ant Player free. Problem persist when streaming any station at various bit rates. Happens when stationary or walking around. Occasionally it will rebuffer and restart the stream which is ok but that is rarely the case. However I can immediately hit the play button it will always reconnect and continue playing. In other words the connection always seems to be there and strong. Seems more like something is bumping it off rather than losing signal. I tried with background data and auto sync off. This rarely happened with my G1 T-mobil especially not when stationary, if the signal was there which wasnt often it would play until i disconnected it myself. The sprint EVO 3g connection seems to almost always be available, much better than the T-mobil was in NYC. however the Sprint data disconnects while streaming audio is driving me crazy. Is there any settings that maybe trying to search for signal and update that maybe responsible for the interruption. BTW this has been since EVO day 1 june 6, internet radio is one of my main reason for smart phone and unlimited data so it was the first or close to the first app i installed. no problem while on WIFI

    Have searched for many hours looking for solution.

  2. CoolBreeze

    CoolBreeze Well-Known Member

    I was having disconnect issues with slingbox when I had always on mobile data unchecked. Once I turned it back on I no longer had trouble streaming.
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  3. doclobot

    doclobot New Member

    15 minutes and counting....That's it, or at least its the first time the stream has gone longer than 5 minutes! i knew it was not due to bad signal and something was breaking the connection. thanks again CB my life just got a lot less frustrating!

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