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3G doesn't work after regaining signalSupport

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  1. cphil19

    cphil19 New Member

    Hey guys. So, I just picked up the G2 and its cool for the most part but i have a pretty big problem. I live in japan, so I'm forced to ride the trains a lot. This means going under lots of underground tunnels. This is where the problem lies. Whenever I go under a tunnel and ,ofcourse lose 3g reception, when I come out and 3G reception comes back, my download connection doesn't. In other words, even though I have a 3g signal again, NOTHING WORKS. Email, browsing, anything requiring a connection stops working, just times out. In fact, under the 3G bar at the top of the screen, I can notice that the down arrow (which I assume means downstream) doesnt light up at all. The only way to get data working again is to reset the 3g connection. So, basically, everytime I lose reception and then get it back (which is about every minute or so on the train!) , I'm forced to reset the connection. This is such a pain in the ass I can't even begin to tell you...

    Any ideas? Thanks guys!

  2. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Check your network settings are switched to 3G only. I'm sure there is no GSM in Japan so the phone may be trying to look for something that isn't there. Just a thought.
  3. cphil19

    cphil19 New Member

    I appreciate the tip but, alas, no dice.

    I just tried timing it to see if perhaps the system is just really slow to catch up. Lost signal after going into a tunnel, came out, got signal back, went back to ground level and just waited...over 20 minutes. Connection never started working again.

    For those of you that travel on trains, get ready to have to manually reset your 3g everytime you come out of a tunnel!
  4. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    That does indeed suck. I'd be interested to know if people in other country's experience similar problems. Any London commuters around? :)
  5. AndroidRockin

    AndroidRockin New Member

    Wow, talk about speak of the devil. I was just searching around the net for help with the exact same problem. Like you, I also live in Japan and joined Docomo just to get this phone. Really starting to regret my decision. Also like you, whenever I come out of a tunnel, or lose reception and gain it back, no type of data communications work, only voice calls. Just to let you know, I called Samsung and they first told me it's the provider, which is bullshit because my girlfriend has a smartphone on the same network and it doesn't do this. Then they think it's just part of the phone. Awesome. Planning on returning it tomorrow and going from there. Really disappointed. I recommend to everyone not to get this phone until this problem is fixed.
  6. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Well as much as I hope a replacement sorts your problems out I can't support the don't get this phone yet statement. Each new phone released is going to have problems, and mine developed a bunch of its own but the phone itself is a stunning piece of hardware. If you have had your eyes on this handset for a while and are thinking about a purchase then I wouldn't hesitate to grab one.

    Good luck by the way.
  7. biffsmash

    biffsmash Well-Known Member

    I have had this problem with every android phone i've ever had, in the UK that is, on Orange and O2. Whenever my signal drops, or I turn 3G on, it takes forever for the data to work again. Seems to take ages to bring the internet connection back on.

    Not sure there is a workaround to it. I do hope you sort it out though.
  8. elektrobix

    elektrobix Well-Known Member

    I have this problem too in the UK - this doesn't happen with HTC Hero, Motorolla Milestone or BB, this is the only phone i've had that is having this problem. I find internet/wifi in general to be quite flakey with this phone. It's a shame because i love everything else about this phone.
  9. cphil19

    cphil19 New Member

    I just called Samsung too. They basically told me it was, "just part of the phone and perhaps there might be an update in the future to fix this.

    Returning my phone tomorrow.
  10. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    The Nexus S which is made by Samsung has the same problems. I have Nexus S and encounter the same problems here in Taiwan. I encountered the same problems in HK and BKK as well. Wonder if this is a Samsung thing or a Google thing:confused:

    There is definitely something wrong here. Out of curiosity, when you turn on Wifi do you lose 3G connection and if so after you turn off Wifi does it take long to reconnect to 3G? Is the 3G connection usually strong or does it pop up and down?
  11. mlaier

    mlaier New Member

    I have the same problem with my Mums S2 in Denmark.
    The phone has to be switched off/on before connecting to 3G.
    Samsung: what is the issue here - and how is it solved?
  12. IllBehaviour

    IllBehaviour New Member

    I too have this problem (London based) and the workaround for me is to toggle flight-mode and that seems to bring back the data connection....
    I hope this is an issue that is visible to Samsung and is being worked on, because it spoils an otherwise excellent phone!
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  13. vettikoodhi

    vettikoodhi New Member

    Hi. Been having the Samsung galaxy s2 for a couple of months now. As mentioned I have always been on "E" and never get 3G. Initially thought this was a network issue, then realised 2 of my colleagues who have the same phone on the same network seem to have "3G" or worst case "H" all the time !! :(Help:confused:
  14. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    Samsung does not seem to interact much with their customers.
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  15. criticalrj

    criticalrj New Member

    I got the same problem from Brazil.

    I "fixed" it set to WCDMA Only... it
  16. Amavin

    Amavin New Member

    Got the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S2 in Denmark. First flaw i find in an else perfect phone, too bad it's a major one!!! It's damn annoying loosing data-connection all the time when you travel.
    Still no real solution to this problem? To me it seems like it started after i updated the software on the phone?
  17. criticalrj

    criticalrj New Member


    Samsung is changing my galaxy mainboard. I guess it will solve my problem.
  18. Relaxed

    Relaxed Active Member

    Dunno - but I'm forever turning off wifi and gps and turning them straight back on again to get functionality. I guess it is a snag, but it's a millisecond workaround.
  19. Raul.Guichard

    Raul.Guichard New Member

    I had the same problem, and I found two fixes to try on the web. The first one was to update your phone (it was a generic android problem) but my galaxy s2 was up to date so there wasn't anything to do.

    And the other fix was to factory reset the phone, the phone was 3days old so it wasn't that bad to factory reset it, plus it was annoying having to turn off and back on to gain 3g signal... and it worked!

    I factory reseted the phone and now I always have signal, regardless of the scenario.
  20. hmartins

    hmartins Member

    Portugal here!

    Same problem...and as above, it started after I updated the phone to the latest official firmware....

    Whenever happens I toggle flight mode on/off...it does the trick...but annoying nonetheless!
  21. hmartins

    hmartins Member

  22. Thelle

    Thelle New Member

    I have the exact same problem in London with latest firmware. I also use IllBehaviour's work around with putting my phone on flight mode and back, but it is so anoing. Hope that Samsung's engineers are listening!
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  23. hurrakan

    hurrakan Member

    I think I have this problem too. It's NOT because I have no data allowance left etc.

    Sometimes my phone loses all (non-WIFI) connectivity. Toggling wifi on and off doesn't fix it. And even after turning the phone off and then on again, the problem still remains!

    The strangest thing is that apps. still have connectivity... e.g.

    Market = No connection
    Google Talk = Fails to sign in
    Internet browser = Fails to load google.co.uk (or any other page)
    Account Sync = Fails to sync

    TweetDeck = Works fine! Updates my Twitter and Facebook streams. I can click on a Facebook status update and it opens the relevant page on the Facebook mobile site. WTF

    The only thing I can think to try is to get Three to send setting to my phone because I didn't do that yet.
  24. CodeDeveloper

    CodeDeveloper Member

    +1 : Same issue here :(

    I live in North Manchester, UK and my provider is Giffgaff (which is an MVNO on the O2 UK network).

    3G/H connectivity is pretty variable around where I live and I often get this issue if I'm driving around.

    I'll start off in one area with a full H signal and the data connection is fine. When I drive to another place 5 minutes away and go to use the phone again, I still have an H/3G connection but no data. The green 'transmit' arrow lights up constantly, but the orange 'receive' arrow stays off.

    The data connection never comes back on its own. The only way to fix this is to either toggle flight mode, or disable/re-enable packet data. The connection is fine again after that. Until I move onto the next place of course.

    I'd always put this down to a flaky O2 signal (as O2 are well known for their awful 3G coverage). But reading this thread, it looks like I have the same problem as you guys.

    The problem doesn't always occur by the way, but seems to happen around 1 in 3 times when I'm driving around.

    I bought my SGS2 Unlocked from Carphone Warehouse and upgraded to latest official Android 2.3.3. Phone is set to 'Automatic GSM/WCDMA', so switches between GPRS and 3G/H when necessary.

    Still waiting for the official Android 2.3.4 release - and *hopefully* that will fix it :confused:
  25. massad

    massad Member

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