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3G Drops & Standby Battery Drain (Solutions)Tips

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  1. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    ok, I have to ask.

    What is the difference between the STANDARD DATA PLAN
    and the ANDROID DATA PLAN?

    If the system knows we're activating an OPTIMUS V, why doesn't it assign that plan?

    So, what exactly does the ANDROID data plan do that the standard one doesn't?

    I haven't had any issues with 3G today. But would I get better performance with the Android Data plan?

  2. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    I also wonder this when i log onto my account from the website it shows me as being on the beyond talk plan and my devices the LG optimus V,and i am getting a 3 g display on the phone does this mean i am good.
  3. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Can you browse the internet? having a 3G icon with bars doesn't mean its always connected. this is the issue at hand.

  4. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    You are right the 3 g bars are not a good judge,but i have also seen that 1X flash when reactivating,this really needs to be figured out.
  5. Dirknar

    Dirknar Member

    i am not saying anything about what you've said or tried.. I will simply say, I tried to connect to the internet with my phone in the best buy parking lot, literally 2 min after the sales rep acitvated it.. It would NOT connect.. I had full bars and 3g arrows lit up.. It is my first smart phone so I chalked it up to something I must have been doing wrong. After having the phone for a few days, I wasnt doing anything wrong at all, it simply was not connecting right out of the box, and I have not been able to connect to 3g one single time.. WiFI works awesome though.lol

    I just called the technician and he changed my plan to the Android data plan and it still doesn't work. He said it may take a few hours to take effect so I will report back in a few..

    Oh yeah, he also said that the network is being worked on and should be back up tomorrow or Wednesday. ..Ya right..lol.. This is the 4th call ive made to VM-CS and got a different answer everytime.
  6. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Once again. What does the Android Data Plan do that the Standard one doesn't?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. lynx2cross

    lynx2cross Well-Known Member

    I think its all jargon to make the CSR's sound like they know what they are doing, though when I had my Blackberry with VM I always had to get transfered to specific people in the "Blackberry Department" whenever I had trouble.

    The point about the data dropping to 1x is interesting because these phones don't seem to do it unless you are going through the activation and once in awhile mine will drop to 1x. But when I had my Blackberry I noticed it did that quite often, especially in certain areas where I didn't have a good signal, maybe the problem with these android phones is that they are not doing that in cases where the signal is low and just dropping the data signal completely.
  8. VeloMichael

    VeloMichael Member

    As I reported 4 or so hours ago, I tried the Macrodome/Joshy solution and, as the Virgin tech support guy warned, so far it has NOT helped. I don't have a 3G connection as I type this. And the battery has gone from full to half in those same 4 hours with the phone in standby.

    So it appears to be either there are massive outages in the network this evening, or I'm back to square one. Again. For the tenth time.

    I've probably spent a good 6 - 8 HOURS on this issue. Researching threads, trying things, calling Virgin, factory resets, setting my phone back up from scratch, trying more things, writing these posts, etc. And, apparently, all for NOTHING!

    My phone is still broken. As apparently are many others. Virgin, you officially suck!
  9. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    As mentioned, activation on this phone seems problematic for VM.

    Sorry, but saying it was only 2 minutes after you activated it doesn't mean anything. Even VM will tall it can take a bit longer for activation to happen, particularly data.
  10. johnn1jm

    johnn1jm Member

    I wonder what is happening. I haven't dropped 3G in 4 days. Maybe they have corrected something (in the Phoenix area).
  11. ron scubadiver

    ron scubadiver Well-Known Member

    3G Working since Sunday morning in Chicago.
  12. peterz71

    peterz71 Member

    I did the Android data thing last night. NO JOY... This morning my phone is worse than it was last night. I can't even connect to the network to activate the phone. HELP...
  13. Pisfister

    Pisfister Member

    no such thing as android data plan, virgin only has one data plan for the optimus v, the beyond talk plan. just talked to customer service, anyone who is told to switch to the android data plan is just being bsed.

    just got off talking w/ cs.
  14. crush157

    crush157 Member

    Agreed, It's just a data plan.

    Since Sunday, connections have been better for me. I only use the data during the day mostly as when I am home I flip on the wifi to my comcast cable network.

    They must have done some changes to their network, but it is still not enough yet. Last week was atrocious with the network (And my Sprint phone from work was just fine with data during these periods of issues from VM). Hopefully we will see some improvements if the VM tech reports of "upgrades are happening but will take time" actually continues.

    Speed tests that I am seeing - speedtest.net server in Wichita, KS - about 600Kbps average. If I go outside of that server somewhere else in the US, it's about 300Kbps. I am based around Chicago, IL.

    I have had some loss of 3G channel connection - Once yesterday around 4:30PM CST and today around 8:45AM CST. Otherwise, more stable.
  15. tod VM670

    tod VM670 Member

    Ok did do that all stated seems to be better 3g but notice the *#*#4636#*#* is what VM will tell you also to do any ways most VN phones are like that, but see a settin for GSM/CDMA auto(PRL) which is wondering if that woul be better but hard telling.
  16. tod VM670

    tod VM670 Member

    Its not Virgin Mobile you just by a brand with name on it which is actually part of SPRINT. Same way with Boost is with NEXTEL.
    If you see that blinking on and off in areas is due tower and power issues at tower really isnt your phone.
    Dont blam VM, Boost, its Sprint/ Nextel, then if you dont think so go with MetroPCS, ATT,Tmoible. ETC...but most all go back to Sprint.
    Its the towers not your phone, phone just picks up the signal to access the network.Phones now in the last few months are way ahead and towers can handle all the data. Since more and more iphones,Androids,Smartphones out there its now that 3g has gone to 4g, sort of like Diall up went to DSL,then now Cable and Satellites same type of deal and now talk is about the internet going through the high tension/voltage to deliver you internet but computers today would NOT be able to handle the load info at once so the again 8 bit to 16, then to 32 then to 64, now in the future be 128 bit..towers arent updated fast enough so your phone thinks signals are weak.So much data floating out there for theses towers to handle Really its not your phone its a war to see who covers the world.

    As you now know that ATT and T-mobile merge its going to be a lot of outages, sometimes wonder if each other is blocking each others by jamming up singals, then make custmer think there phones are broke, so then you go to another service provider get the same issues, so really dig deep as you see it a war who covers the world.

    Heck if you want the best service and pay out the butt go with GPS/Satellite Phone over $1000's for the phone and services fees out this world but you can be underground, underwater and that phone will work.
  17. maxjav

    maxjav Member

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  18. VeloMichael

    VeloMichael Member

  19. VeloMichael

    VeloMichael Member

    The issue here is it's fairly clear the Virgin data traffic is carried on the Sprint network differently than Sprint data traffic. This is trivial to do, as others have posted, because the networks already have things like QoS (Quality of Service) built into them. Virgin data very likely has a lower priority. So this means when the network is congested, Virgin customers lose out to Sprint customers.

    I, and others, have seen proof of this. I've had people with Sprint phones using fast solid 3G connections, standing right next to me, when my Optimus V can't even connect even after a fresh re-boot.
  20. maxjav

    maxjav Member


    I second try went thru but after entering my number and pin did not activate and direct me to call Virgin…. Didn’t do it.

    Reset and third attempt, this time went thru and phone is activated I can make/receive calls but not 3G connectivity.

    My plan is to wait a few hours without doing anything, not even switching airplane mode on-off….. lets see what happen…

    After reading all the previous post I’m trying to minimize/eliminate any setting changes… so far I just introduce my number, PIN and reset twice… I’ll keep you posted….
  21. maxjav

    maxjav Member

    If this brand new phone does not make it in the next few days, I'll do exactly what you propose... but I'm going to exchange a few phones first, they are going to have a lot of refurbish to make!!
  22. maxjav

    maxjav Member

    still nothing, no connectivity..... Leslie Ann, how long you suggest to wait before trying something else? I would like to determine if out of the box the phone works or not... If I call Virgin they'll may request to play with some settings.
  23. nop

    nop New Member

    Hi. I bought a new Optimus V at a local Radio Shack yesterday afternoon and activated it with the $25 VM plan. Until a rep had me reset it this morning, I had no 3G connectivity. Then it worked for about six hours, and eventually lost connectivity again about an hour ago. So far, no tricks described here or elsewhere have restored data service.

    While it was working the phone was pretty nice, but I wonder if I should have waited longer before giving all my friends my new number...
  24. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    Join the club data is know out for me also,but the phone and text work,i am home so it is not that big a deal for now,but i will certainly grow tired of it after a month,and when i pay the bill next week i will mention it to the rep.
  25. VeloMichael

    VeloMichael Member

    At the very least, anyone having 3G problems should call Virgin and demand some credit to your account for the 3G downtime. And spread the word as widely as you can. The more they get the message we're not going to "just put up with this" the more likely they are to get it fixed sooner (or ever).

    I doubt they want to end up with a horrible reputation like AT&T did in many cities with the iPhone. Those problems, ultimately, caused the most of massive "defection" from AT&T to Verizon as soon as that option became available.

    Granted, we don't have another $25 unlimited plan to defect to. But we can at least make things more expensive for Virgin as added incentive to fix the problem(s).

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