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3G, GSM, HSDPA internet(mobile network) not working after ICS updateSupport

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  1. djdevy

    djdevy New Member

    hey guys!

    I just got the ICS this Sunday, everything's perfect, everything's smoot but when I try to connect to the internet trough mobile networking it doesn't connect, it doesn't do anything no matter what I do!

    Things I already tried:
    - reconfiguring the APN's manually from the Vodafone website
    - adding a new APN manually
    - reset to factory settings

    I have no clues. Any help would me much appreciated. Thanks

  2. haddock

    haddock Well-Known Member

    I have had that same problem off and on since the update. My only solution has been to restart the phone.

    WiFi has also been a problem - every time the phone went to "sleep", wifi disconnected, and then wouldn't connect again when I tried to use it. I fixed this by keeping WiFi on during idle, but this just destroys the battery.

    I have written to HTC about it, and they have escalated the issue, so I hope it will be fixed soon, because this is pretty major.

    On another note, I just got an additional update a few minutes ago, about 20mb, just called "settings". It'll be interesting to find out what that is about.
  3. djdevy

    djdevy New Member

    hey, I got the same "settings" update, installed it but nothing happened. I think it was a fix for something else... I still can't connect trough 3g or gsm to the internet, even if i restart the phone :( ...it worked perfectly before ICS, so i don't think it has anything to do with the APN or my network provider. Thanks for answering anyway, we'll keep each other up to date with any news. Cheers
  4. djdevy

    djdevy New Member

    any news buddy?

    anyone? ...... :(
  5. jimyna

    jimyna New Member

    Hi,i have the same problem as Haddock mentions..i can be browsing online just fine and then the data connectivity just drops for no apparent reason..as Haddock mentioned,only solution so far is to restart the phone,but since ICS this is all very time consuming..any help or insight would be greatly appreciated..
  6. fredpauling

    fredpauling Member

    Reset your APN to connect via mobile internet. Check them under settings/wireless and network/mobile networks/access point names....if your carrier is listed click on it and check settings, if not you will need to conatcat yor net work for settings OR if you have a spare sim for another carrier, put that in wait for texts to say they send you settings, install them, remove old sim, put new one back in then you will recieve settings via text again, install them then got to apn and select your current carrier in list.

    Mobile Network Testing
  7. AshishAndro

    AshishAndro New Member

    Guys, I'm facing the same problem. No luck as of now! Tried factory re-set, Changing the SIM cards and needless to say multiple restarts.

    Please help me, if any one has the solution!
  8. johnboy1

    johnboy1 New Member

    My Galaxy2 also loses internet for no reason from server in our home office.My wifes phone is ok so problem points to the phone.Any ideas guys
  9. mr_ahmedadel

    mr_ahmedadel New Member


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