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3g h h+Support

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  1. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    What the heck is the difference on H and H+ and 3G ???? Isn't 3G same-equal as H. I got today on my note the H+ on a specific area. Normally I have 3G or H depends on the area I am. So anyone could explain plz.


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  2. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    3G is "normal" 3G, HSPA is enhanced 3G or "3G.5" and HSPA+ is even faster HSPA. I get it with my 3 sim quite a lot, and it's very noticeably faster than the other 2 - I've rarely seen the difference between 3G and H.

    That's the way I understand it anyway, I'm sure someone will explain it more technically and shoot me down :)
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  3. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    I did read some threads on some forums but they where that 3g and H is 3.5g what is h+ 3.999999999999g a wannabe 4g???
  4. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    Yeah,possibly, like I say I'm no expert on the subject. Saying that, here in the UK I've never seen H+ touted as 4G, probably because proper 4G is still a ways off.
  5. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    Here in Germany I think T-Mobile is starting to get A 4g network but dunno when and where it starts or if may have started. So QQ 4g
  6. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    HSPA (3G/H): Theoretical limit of 14Mbps down, 5.76Mbps up

    HSPA+ (3.5G/H+): Theoretical limit of 84Mbps down, 22Mbps up, but will support 168Mbps down.

    H+ is being rolled out by T-Mobile USA in stages of 21Mbps, 42Mbps, and hopefully the 84, if not phased out by the AT&T merger. I will love the roll-out to complete as I have a $10/mo. unlimited data plan.
  7. jlsjonas

    jlsjonas New Member

    Not going to say you're wrong but then what's the difference between 3G & H indicated on f.e. Samsung galaxy s3?

    Written from my S3
  8. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    No difference...just depends on how the manufacturer wants to report the network connection for a given phone and given network. More specific information regarding your network is available under "Phone Status" in "Settings".
  9. jlsjonas

    jlsjonas New Member

    same network provider, same phone, same sim...
  10. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Wrong. 3G is the 3G standard, H is the 3.5G standard (and is faster). H+ is the 3.9G standard which is faster still.
  11. monkeytech

    monkeytech New Member

    I'm on Three in Ireland, and it moves between 3G and H+ all the time on my s3.

    For a real world example of the difference I ran speedtest when it showed 3G and I got 5.56 Mbps down and 2.3 up.
    When it showed H+ I ran it again (same location) and got 7.42 up and 2.33 down

    So a decent improvement in download speed

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