3G Hack Work on 2.3.340?

  1. xSithxSaviorx

    xSithxSaviorx Well-Known Member

    I was jw if the 3G hack worked on the new update 2.3.340? Thanks for any info

  2. chacen.droid

    chacen.droid Well-Known Member

    If your receding to using the stock hotspot app by turning the radio off then on then yes it still works on. 340 I use it daily.
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  3. xSithxSaviorx

    xSithxSaviorx Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks a lot
  4. LexusBrian400

    LexusBrian400 Well-Known Member

    Its been causing nothing but problems for myself. Only works for a few minutes at a time. I've found that PDAnet is not only more reliable, but its WAY faster. Using it as we speak at the in-laws house :)
  5. Cruzrock

    Cruzrock Well-Known Member

    I wonder if I have something wrong on my pdanet setup ... I find 3g hotspot way faster. pdanet only 2Mb and 3g 54. laptop seems to load faster as well?
  6. xSithxSaviorx

    xSithxSaviorx Well-Known Member

    does any1 kno how to do the 3g hack on rubix, do u need to use 3g.zip and patch.zip, or just patch it or what?
  7. FreeWELL

    FreeWELL Well-Known Member

  8. FreeWELL

    FreeWELL Well-Known Member

  9. xSithxSaviorx

    xSithxSaviorx Well-Known Member

    Does this new wifi tether now connect to xbox and ps3?
  10. snickle

    snickle Member

    My Xbox360 connected to it.
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