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  1. change47

    change47 New Member

    this is my first thread in this great forum :rock:...
    oops let me tell you my prob first :eek:

    i have bought a78 on this wednesday ,n iam still not able to use internet..:dontknow:
    1.iam using idea sim ( in gsm slot)
    2. Sim activated by 3g ( as idea CC told me yesterday ) PS: that CC girl is so sweet :love:
    3.i can make video call
    4.i have done 198 idea 3g recharge on yesterday 2:00 pm :p ( as shopkeeper told me (12 Ghante me activate hoga :mad:) is this true :(
    5.while using net Sometime its shows the icon of E.

    my prob is i can make video call but not able to use You tube,facebook google etc.
    so plz tell me what to do ? wid ph: or its settings :)

  2. change47

    change47 New Member

    Curently iam using my a78 for reply..I have changed some setting..like WIRELESS n NETWORK ..network mode now I selected GSM not GSM WCDMA.n choose NETWORK OOPERATOR as IDEA2g....

    Now ican browse internet but not able to use videocalling
    Nor able to use youtube n other default internet appcation like before
    Now what to do?
  3. rsidd

    rsidd Member

    And other times what does it show? If you have 3G it should show H (or 3G). E is Edge, i.e. 2G (or 2.5G by some definitions).

    If it sometimes shows H icon, your 3G signal strength may be weak. Try setting "WCDMA only" in the network settings when you are using the internet (but change it back when you are done).

    If you get poor speed with the H icon, or you never see the H icon, sorry, can't help with that -- contact Idea :)
  4. change47

    change47 New Member

    Ohh yes...now getting signle of ,h, n can browse net quickly...but not
    Able to use you tube ,play store etc...sayng no network
    Connection.. now what thts? Huh
  5. ideacellular

    ideacellular New Member

    Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. May we request you to reply to us with your complete account details such as Full name, mobile no., and the type of Inconvenience you are facing. Also mention the token ID 205IC223418 in the subject.

    Idea Cellular

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