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3G in East Orange, New JerseyGeneral

Last Updated:

  1. carljchapman

    carljchapman New Member

    OTA update to 2026 gave me 3G icon. I am 2 miles away from Newark NJ.

  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    3026 you mean? Everyone keeps saying 2026 and making me wonder. :D
  3. jay239

    jay239 Active Member

    I have 3G in Bonita Springs Fl, which is SWFL. amazing never thought I would get it here in this little town lol
  4. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    yeah im pretty sure its 3026, I did the *228 and still got the 3026.
  5. carljchapman

    carljchapman New Member

    My bad....used swype too fast and didn't proofread. It is PRL 3026
  6. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Its cool Ive just seen atleast 5 or 6 people say 2026 also. ;)
  7. Lawkev

    Lawkev Well-Known Member

    I live in East Orange too and I have 3G. It just showed up out of no where today. My PRL is 3026. Is that the most updated version?
  8. Bryonium

    Bryonium Active Member

    Yes 3026 is the newest PRL, its given mostly everyone 3G. I can confirm this from Newark, NJ
  9. emorrison33

    emorrison33 Active Member

    I updated to PRL 3026. No 3G in southern NJ. Gloucester County.
  10. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Well-Known Member

    Yeah, me either here in Trenton still. Seems to be from central NJ on down we are out of luck so far.

    Then again it may not matter too much longer for me because I'm planning to move onto the Esteem sometime after the new year.
  11. emorrison33

    emorrison33 Active Member

    Yes, that was my plan for the New Year as well. Get the LG Esteem for the 4G. I'm real close to Philly, so I am in the footprint for it. My wife wants to keep her Optimus though, so she'll have to wait for the 3G. Both Optimus's have the PRL3026 after using *228.
  12. meat0255

    meat0255 Active Member

    Well, the *228 does give you the 3026PRL. THOSE of you that don't have 4G will just have to wait for the new 4G tower conversion. By the way so long as the towers are 3G. or higher you will get 3g. By the way, the current Metro Optimus. M now comes with Gingerbread and so far LG has NO plans for an update on the older phone. Ain't it a bugger that some of us had to put on 2.2.1 so we could root to put on CM. 7 custom Gingerbread! Way too go LG.:eek:

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