3G Internet Not Working

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  1. OneEndedStick

    OneEndedStick New Member

    I've only been using wifi ever since I got my phone (I changed my settings from 3G to wifi only). I bought it unlocked and switched the network from Vodafone to Optus. I've just switched recently to the new Optus Prepaid Social plan, which gives me unlimited access to social networking, but now my internet isn't working at all. The wifi still works but once I switch from wifi back to 3G, my Facebook, Twitter, even the browser doesn't work. Someone please help.

  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    take the first step in caling your carrier it may be an issue on their end, does your device present an error
    ERROR 67 etc etc?
  3. dwilycox

    dwilycox New Member

    even me my phone is too slowly to the internet

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