3G is on in Washington DC!

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  1. asterix2112

    asterix2112 Member

    Noticed it turned on yesterday. 3G is on in the Washington DC area. Worked 3G all the way from my work in Gaithersburg, MD to home in Annandale, VA. Much faster! Don;t think it's officially announced yet, but it's on and working.

    Works all the way till I get in my house! (My house is in a valley and get's really bad cell reception, but I have WiFi there)

    - John

  2. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member


    Wish it would come to Ohio...
  3. simmcrd

    simmcrd Active Member

    Hold your horses! T-mo's coverage map conspicuously absents 3G from the DC area. Though I too have the "3G" annunciator displayed in Tysons, it is sporadic and download speeds are irregular at best. I suspect that they are prepping our region for the upgrade, but I'll assume that a full market rollout is yet to come.
  4. RevWillie

    RevWillie Well-Known Member

    3G has been on and off for me in Alexandria city. But when it's on, it's sweet.

    I get a more reliable data transfer on 3G than in my house in WPA secured WiFi!

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