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  1. praj

    praj Member

    I have recently activated 3G from Vodafone in Pune. Still i am not getting 3G symbol on my Galaxy 551. Vodafone CC says there are no specific settings.
    Does anyone have any info on this?

  2. chetan3557

    chetan3557 New Member

    i think you have to go to setting then go to wireless and deactivate the 2g option then it will give you 3g or H symbol which is 3G speed :d
  3. praj

    praj Member

    This setting is already disabled.
  4. praj

    praj Member

    Manual of Galaxy 551 specifies

    "When you subscribe to a cellular service, you will receive
    a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, with subscription
    details, such as your personal identification number (PIN)
    and optional services. To use UMTS or HSDPA services,
    you can purchase a Universal Subscriber Identity Module
    (USIM) card"

    Any further info on this?

  5. praj

    praj Member

    Finally got the settings for enabling 3G on Galaxy 551
    Refer to cheat codes on Galaxy Essentials - Android Wiki

    Code *#*#2263#*#* - Set GSM/UMTS band
    This Allows us to set UMTS band. Select WCDMA All & 3G is enabled on phone.

    Happy 3G Surfing

  6. joycetanminer

    joycetanminer New Member

    cant work ):
  7. cnkgworks

    cnkgworks New Member

    Hi - I have all the three providers simcard for 3G idea/vodafone and tatadocomo in pune..

    I have found idea/tatadocomo are able to work on 3G

    Vodafone sim not registering on the 3G network neither any
    of my friends could who owns them,,,,I have spent lot of
    time working with vodafone and not much could happen
    probably best thing is too wait once the provider gives it we take it :)


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