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  1. pvndpk

    pvndpk Member

    Hi all..I have problem in 3g connectivity..I have installed galaxo
    And i am from india..I am using bsnl 3g sim..But i am not getting 3g symbol
    on signal bar..But if i put the same sim to n70 mobile i am getting 3g symbol..
    please help..I also tried with indian firmware..same result..

  2. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    You have probably lost APN settings when flashing the phone. Check APN settings.
  3. cpim1

    cpim1 New Member

    Same type of symptom with me on my HTC Desire: suddenly no 3G icon, but still shows H icon and provides internet connectivity. I'm on 3 network in UK. An identical phione also on the 3 network does show the 3G icon and I have compared the APN settings in the "Settings" menu and they are identical to my phone.
    Anyone have any idea why the 3G icon would have suddenly disapeared and what the implication may be?

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