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  1. ksty

    ksty New Member

    Hey everyone

    Have had my Pulse a few days now, and today was the first time of taking it to work - figured that as I wouldn't be using it in the office all day, I'd switch off 3G to (hopefully) save on some battery power. Now i can't remember how to switch it back on! and the user guide isn't all that helpful....


  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi ksty & Welcome to the Forums! :D

    Go to Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Mobile Networks -> Un-select "Use only 2G Networks"

    Carl C ;)
  3. ksty

    ksty New Member

    Hey Carl

    Thanx for the rapid response! I've just checked though, and this is not selected - what am i doing wrong here?

  4. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Not sure lool :D

    Well , you could always download this app called "2G-3G OnOff" free off the Android Market then you can switch between the modes quickly :)

    When you download it apply it as a widget : Hold an empty part of your home screen -> A pop-up should appear -> select Widgets -> Select the 2G-3G widget

    Now all you have to do is tap the Widget on your Homescreen and that should turn it back to 3G :D

  5. ashida

    ashida New Member

    hi I'm new here can you help me I'm having problem with my android I can access internet
    how to set up my 3g

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