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  1. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

  2. EinZtein

    EinZtein Well-Known Member

    Suddenly today in the office all the X's are getting strong 3g signal and clocking over 2 in Speed test.
  3. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    What is this trick. I am aware of the battery trick but not this.
  4. androy

    androy Well-Known Member

    Put your phone in airplane mode for a few seconds and then take it out of airplane mode. My 3g comes back every time.

    Put an airplane mode widget on your home screen.
  5. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    I think it may be a software issue. I have a great signal at work, all bars lit, then suddenly it will say there is no network. At my house 3g has never been great but it seems pretty good on the X when my last phone would rarely get it. Same thing happens, bars drop and it seems to hang.

    The airplane mode "trick" sometimes seems to help. (Just turning airplane mode on them off for the person who wa asking) This is why I think it's a software issue, like it drops 3g when it's not being used to save battery maybe? Then hanging before the 3g kicks in again.

    Last night and so far today it's been worse than ever before.
  6. sam007

    sam007 Well-Known Member

    Guys - I see people referring to the signal dropping down to 1x at times. Are they referring to 1 single bar in the wireless section on the top right? If so, that's what I'm facing with my 4 hour old Droid X too
  7. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

    It's 3G droppingto 1x constantly with the phone not even needing to be touched. Happens inside and out and in strong signal areas.
  8. droidn

    droidn Member

    I just got my X last week, updated it to 2.2 and I have this issue bad. Did anyone ever get a fix or a workaround. Toggling Airplane mode on and off is lame.
  9. tha5150

    tha5150 Well-Known Member

    there should be a fix soon.. hope so atleast
  10. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

    Hoping and 'fix soon' are two ends of a spectrum.
  11. khsjsilver

    khsjsilver Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list. My phone seems to be bouncing from 3g to 1X. When ever I use an app like the browser or Youtube, I start at 3g and it automatilly drops to 1x.

    I was on the phone yesterday with Motorola Technical Support (Level 2 Supervisor) discussing the problem with my Droid X constantly dropping the 3g signal. They told me that they were unaware of the issue and they have not been receiving phone calls about this problem. I told them that this issue is a very big topic on the Motorola
  12. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

    Well I don't believe them. Both about not knowing the problem and not looking at the owner's forum for their own company's products. They are either lying or ignorant. Would you want a device from them in either case?
  13. johnsmith121155

    johnsmith121155 New Member

    another disappointed droid x user.. this is my second droidx phone giving me 3g problems. dips in and out of 3g in areas where 3g signals should be strong.. paying an extra $30 a month for data and i cant even use my 3g.. i also have other friends with the same problem with their droid x.. i think its a motorola issue because my coworkers with incredibles dont have this issue
  14. F150FAN

    F150FAN Well-Known Member

    I experience this as well. Although it does not seem as frequent as it used to be it is still annoying when it does happen.
  15. am2107

    am2107 Active Member

    this happens to me...got my phone on november 1st...i have one phone right next to another and the other phone has 3g, my x does not...going back to verizon after work...ugh
  16. androy

    androy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if this is an issue that one of the DX rom developers can fix? Or is the radio tied in with the locked bootloader?

    It's getting really frustrating and seems to be getting worse. I've tried multiple roms and all them have the same issue.
  17. kg6epf

    kg6epf Well-Known Member

    Very sad and frustrated by this. I wanted SO badly to like this phone, and in most every respect I do but this 3g dropping to 1x issue has me ready to bring back both both of my DX phones (mine and wife's).

    Some background first. I'm a long time smartphone user and have been with VZW for over 10 years. I have had several flavors of Blackberry phones and have carried the original Droid since launch day without any problems.

    The issue has been described in many posts but seems to not effect everyone. I can be in an area with strong 3G coverage and 4 bars showing when I begin to use some data on the phone and it switches suddenly to 1X. The signal may stick at 1X from 1 minute to 10 minutes before switching back and the data slows to a crawl or stops altogether.
    I can switch to Airplane mode and back and instantly I get my strong 3G signal back again. This problem is the same on both DX phones I just picked up last week, new in box directly from a Verizon store. I can set down the DX phones next to original droids and BBs and they will show 3G while my DX has dropped to 1X.

    This isn't just a visual glitch of the indicator since the data (browser, market, facebook, twitter...anything) gets extremely slow or stops when it switches to 1X. This isn't an Iphone style "your holding it wrong" as I can hold it different ways or set it on a table with the same results. This isn't a case issue, the phone is "naked". This isn't a network issue, other phones on same network work fine in the same area.

    This is a Motorola phone issue and if I had even a hint that this could be resolved with an upcoming radio update I'd have hope, but there has not even been an acknowledgement of the problem. I'd ask for replacement but really what is the possibility that the same problem exsists on 2 phones but would be fixed by getting sent a refurb?

    I'm open to suggestion because I really want to make the phone work, but with unreliable data it just doesn't work for me.
  18. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain. Doesn't happen to me "all" the time but happens far too frequently! I have owned numerous smart phones and while sitting in front of my PC as i am now, they would all work flawlessly on 3G. HTC, Apple, LG............all of them.
    Sometimes my phone will not even open the web browser it is so slow. Like you, this is an issue with many Moto X phones. My friend is a over the road trucker and complains all the time that his X drops 3G.
    I was hoping that the 340 update would solve this issue but it did not. I will be damned if i trade my brand new X in for a refurb and go through all the time it would take to install everything like i have it now.
    Here we come Ebay...........................
  19. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Well-Known Member

    Always got weak 3G signal at home no matter what phone I have owned. Right now my signal strength is -99 dBm. At work,much better with download speeds 3 times faster. Oddly a few days got my updated easyswitch app and it caused my x a to completely lose 3G service. Had to uninstall it to get 3G working again. Wrote back and forth with dev, and they updated app today an it works fine now with app. Could some of you be having problems because of another running app? Otherwise my x has had no problems with 3G service, and in fact has been the most stable smartphone with 3G. My previous blackberry and palm pre had problems with 3G at times.
  20. kg6epf

    kg6epf Well-Known Member

    Could it be an app? Perhaps, but I doubt it as the problem is the same on my wife's completely vanilla DX with no apps on it yet (haven't even given it to her for Xmas yet) and my now rooted Apex 1.3.0 have the same behavior.

    I do very much appreiciate the feedback though. I guess I'm a bit of a fanboy and want this to work without being "that guy" that exchanges his phone multiple times for the same unresolved issue.
  21. rudybow

    rudybow Well-Known Member

    Yep, mine does it too. I don't use my navigation as much so it doesn't seem to hinder me as much but I would like to find a way to get it fixed.
  22. rudybow

    rudybow Well-Known Member

  23. androy

    androy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone feel like the 3g dropping issue is actually worse after the update, or is it just my imagination? I feel like it switches to 1x a lot more now but it doesn't stay 1x as long.

    IDK.. I would think maybe it's interference in my area but my wife's LG Ally doesn't have the issue.

    I love the phone but this is driving me nuts.
  24. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

  25. WingZero1990

    WingZero1990 New Member

    i have this same prob and verizon will not help at all and im on my 2nd droid x unit

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