3G slide shut down will not power up or charge

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  1. vinnycr2

    vinnycr2 New Member

    My daughter has a myTouch 3G slide that shut itself off while she was texting. It was on the charger all night and she had only been using it for about a half hour. It would not power back up so she removed the battery for a few minutes and still will not power up or charge. No indicator light when the charger is plugged in after it powered down. It will make the usuall buzzing sound when powering up but that is all it does. We put a fully charged battery from a working 3G slide in and the same thing happens. It is completely dead. No lights anywhere on the phone plugged into the charger or not.

    The phone was purchased from a third party this past January and it was rooted. The first thing we did was a factory reset. The phone has been working fine until this past Sunday when it just shut itself down. No water damage from the indicators are showing.

    We tried all the hard reset key combinations that we found searching google nothing works.

    Volume down + power button
    Menu button + volume down + power button
    Keyboard home button + end key for 30 seconds


  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    Chances are that it is a short on the board somewhere. In the event that it isn't, I would remove the battery for 24 hours and see if the issue can correct itself.

    Have you tried to put the battery from the non-working Slide into the known working Slide? Just to remove all doubt that it is a battery issue.
  3. vinnycr2

    vinnycr2 New Member

    No didn't think of doing that. Figured that if a good battery wasn't working then the battery wasn't the problem. We were at the tmobile store and the rep happened to have the same phone. I'll remove the battery and try tomorrow after 24 hours. Not holding my breath that it will work but Thanks for the tip.


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