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3G Slot on unbranded 10" tablet

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  1. kryten172

    kryten172 New Member

    I have a Android 3.2 tablet made by someone but don`t know as Jap import, the tablet has a 3G slot but doesn`t want to save the APN so i basically want to know if the slot is working and if their is a default way of unlocking it. First thing i`d like to know is there a basic app to show it sees the 3g slot as a option even if no sim card is in it? and if there is a app to verify that it is sim locked to a network or not... because if these come back as negitive then it`s a hardware failure.

    Thanks for any info

    ...and if you want to fire Q`s at me to find out what it is then no problem....

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    When you say 3G slot, is that like a SIM slot to take a SIM card, or a USB slot for a 3G USB modem?
  3. kryten172

    kryten172 New Member

    It is a general sim card slot that would use 3G net connection.

    It`s a standard Tegra 2 tablet running Android 3.2 just doesn`t have a name on it.

    Biggest problem i have is that APNs do not save just get a grey screen.

  4. tlopez1973

    tlopez1973 Well-Known Member

    If its any thing like the one I got Google gpad 11 run Android 2.3 then go to settings and select wireless networks then select networks available then after push menu button and add new APN and then configure the internet for whatever company you are running on..hope that help
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