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  1. Madroxide

    Madroxide Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting good 3G speed. I noticed that there was a way to speed up the 3G speed on the Samsung Galaxy Prevail. Will that work with the Ultra or is there another way?

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

  3. Mikedroids

    Mikedroids Active Member

    Doesn't seem to work for me. Even when I put in the info speeds seem to be the same or worse. I was hoping to maybe change the prl on this phone cause that seems to work for others but I'm having a problem trying to do it.
  4. interdpth

    interdpth Well-Known Member

    Open CDMA Workshop.
    Dial ##8778# on phone
    Enter MSL
    change uart to usb.
    send default samsung code
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  5. Mikedroids

    Mikedroids Active Member

    Unfortunately, I used my free trial of that program and can't use it. So I tried QPST, but for some reason, when I connect my phone to use it I get a message that says the phone isn't responding when I try to edit the prl.
  6. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    What speeds are you getting? I'm getting the speeds Sprint advertises. I get an average of 500k. 1.5-1.7mb on a great signal. But usually 200-300k when I really need to use the internet. But something always happens when you really need something. :)

    Source: [​IMG]
  7. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Didn't think about trying it on the transform ultra til now, I just did and it works. Was getting 500kbps at most from home since I got the phone a month ago, now I am getting >800kbps. Tried 4 times and got 967, 880, 833 and 907. However I have had better 3g speeds elsewhere without changing the proxy settings, most was 1762kbps at work. But this is good speeds for the reception I have at home.
  8. Jeff68005

    Jeff68005 Member

    Just for reverence ... What were the ORIGINAL FACTORY (SPRINT) settings?
    Do you need an APP to make the change or can you do this in the settings like the older cell phones?

    This is relative to the over the air settings right?
    How are you testing/determining your speeds?
    What are the risks of doing this?

    I'm sorry, but I just got this phone this week. I'm on the learning curve trying not to fall over a cliff. (BG)
  9. lungzbeatz

    lungzbeatz Member

    Hey fellaz..how's everyone...first off happy new years to all...when I joined this forum I had the prevail,and I learned about root and the how to's just browsing as a guest..that's what made me join...so thanks to all for all the blood,sweat,and tears creating these roms themes and all other goodies the devs come up with..I to am interested in the 3g tweak..I did it to my prevail and noticed the difference..I just got the transform ultra and my speeds suck and where I live the signal sucks. Would it be possible(if its not to much trouble) to get a full detailed how to on this tweak for the t.u...I'm still learning about rooting and don't want mess any thing up LOL..thank you in advance...
  10. djpabz23

    djpabz23 Well-Known Member

    Before I did any tweaks + default boost PRL = about 100 kbps :\

    Now that I'm on a Sprint PRL + Used the 3g SuperCharger tweak/script + blob.prop tweak + enabling 4gv + V6 SuperCharger Tweak/Script = 800 kbps+

    Way better than what I had before :D

    EDIT: BTW I have a Samsung Transform Ultra running ShevRoN Rom v0.3 so yes it will work :) Here are some pics



    As you could see, huge improvements!
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  11. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

    just a noob question but what is the difference between uart and usb? why is it faster(please in noob lingo) to use usb?
    thanks for the extra info
  12. djpabz23

    djpabz23 Well-Known Member

    You're going to have to switch to USB so the program like CDMA Workshop or whichever program you're using could read/edit your device
  13. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

    Wait I'm confused. I thought all I needed to do was switch to usb. I have to do something else to boost my 3g? What is cdma workshop. And still wondering what the diff is in usb and uart?
  14. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    yeah, huge difrance in location too!!! signal strength and diffrent towers will make huge changes in resolts:D
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  15. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    which option did you use for 3g supercharger?
  16. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

    So new problem. Since changing this over to usb I now cannot veiw video on some webpages. Keeps giving me an hour. Youtube works great but some other sites will not work. Help????
  17. androidkrazy

    androidkrazy Well-Known Member

    Rule number one ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS DO A NANDROID BACKUP! before making any major changes so that you can revert if you break something.
  18. djpabz23

    djpabz23 Well-Known Member

    I used Expirmental 1
  19. djpabz23

    djpabz23 Well-Known Member

    I don't remember changing locations though

    EDIT: and even when I had full bars I would get about 10-50 kbps before tweaking anything
  20. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

    this is still not working guys...any help? thanks for any info or suggestions
  21. blahsaysmeu2u

    blahsaysmeu2u Well-Known Member

  22. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    easiest way is with term emulator

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  23. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

  24. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

    question....how to send the default samsung code??
    I have CDMA v2.7...i know that is not latest....will this version work or i will latest version....
    i have attached the pic of what i see.....dont know how to send the default samsung code...please help :)

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  25. JFss76

    JFss76 New Member

    You said u can boost your speeds by dialing ##8778# and entering the MSL but when i do that it asks for a number would you know the number..... Thank :confused:

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