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  1. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    I just recently rooted my ZTE Warp from boost mobile but im wondering if its possible to mod the network so it can go from 3g to 4g... is this possible?? or should i invest in a 4g phone.. im willing to use my phone as a tester.

  2. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    The warp does not have a 4g radio so it will never have 4g.... and yes you should just invest in a 4g phone but first make sure that you have 4g coverage in your area

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  3. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    yeah keep in mind 4g only comes on phones that support 4g (usually indicated by '4g' somehwere in the phone's name)
  4. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    What about modifying the phone so it can have the look and feel of a different android such as the evo?? Or is that something that can be done with a custom Rom?
  5. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    You cannot physically modify a phone but you can customize just about every inch of the android os which is what custom roms pretty much are

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  6. dukeboy666

    dukeboy666 Active Member

  7. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    You can use custom ROMs and go launcher has honeycomb and ics themes theres also the ics launcher which makes it look like android 4.0
  8. ptmarzullo

    ptmarzullo Well-Known Member

    Go Launcher ifs amazing. I do not have my phone rooted, but my ICS theme, 3d, and amazing transition affects make my phone look nothing like a stock warp. Give it a try, you'll love it.
  9. oscar112709

    oscar112709 Well-Known Member

    I found this app that can toggle 4g it takes me to a hole new option looks like a new #code with out using the dialer if some one can pm me I can gave em them app and we can help each other out never know first warp with 4g
  10. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry but as it was already stated above...this is not possible. The issue with the warp isn't software but hardware...we don't have a radio capable of connecting to a 4g network in this phone.
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  11. oscar112709

    oscar112709 Well-Known Member

    Notification toggle app then it haves a 2 fast button toggle click it a new opinion will appear it might not work but give it a try
  12. oscar112709

    oscar112709 Well-Known Member

  13. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    wont and cant happen,move on.
  14. SicFreak

    SicFreak The Message is SIC!

    Sorry, but this phone will never have 4g... No matter how many times it's asked. :D

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