3G USB donlgeTips

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  1. bardece

    bardece New Member

    Has someone tested a 3G usb donlge on Sony tablet S?
    I know that andorid sopport some kind of 3G dongle but I'm not sure are working also on Sony.


  2. davect01

    davect01 Active Member

    Nope, not yet. Would be nice to know if they work though.
  3. Digital Jester

    Digital Jester Well-Known Member

    You could always get one of the mobile Wi-Fi dongles. Works the same way (internet over 3G network) except it puts out a Wi-Fi signal instead of you having to plug the dongle into the device. Just leave it in your pocket and turn it on and off as needed.

    Or you could get one of these. Should connect a USB dongle fine. I've got this particular one to connect my PS3 controller rather than pay

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