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  1. Uriel707

    Uriel707 Well-Known Member

    Does this phone have 3G yet? Also what does EV mean? I have that as my signal then goes to 1X

  2. slutyman

    slutyman Well-Known Member

    go to all things root and there is a 3g boost toturial by me my 3g went up to 1.63 mbp
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  3. Uriel707

    Uriel707 Well-Known Member

    You cant do it by calling *228? (I think it is)
  4. slutyman

    slutyman Well-Known Member

    ya but this makes your 3g faster than ever
  5. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    *228 will update your PRL "Preferred Roaming List". The most current one is 3027.
    Settings-About Phone-Status will show which one you are currently on.

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