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    Feb 19, 2012
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    so tomorrow i will be receiving my 3rd phone within a year.....thats a new phone every sixth months.....so im expecting to go through all this again in another 6 months!!

    i dont know if its just me, the phone...or what....but this has been a MAJOR headache since i first signed up with tmobile

    this time the problem was it was stuck on the Hboot screen.....and it took me hours to get through to a real person because they think "pull the battery" is such a lifesaver

    i just needed to vent....atleast this time when i talked to a real person i said "listen, we dont need to go through all the steps, ive done this before with my last phone, nothing works, its bricked, trust me......so the nice lady said, ok we'll just send a new phone then"

    that was the best part....customer service is good, if you get the right people

    i cant wait til my 2 yr contract is up though.....hello SPRINT!


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