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    Ok I have a question about a third party camera app I seem to be having an issue with. I never noticed it till now. I am using the Camera Zoom fx (piad version). I noticed that you can switch from that app and the video recorder, but I barely use the video recorder which is part of the stock camera app. I tried freezing the stock camera app and the gallary app because I use third party apps instead. What I am asking is: freezing these two apps wont do any harm to the phone correct? I really dont care for the camera video part so thats not much of a loss for me. I just like to be less cluttered on my app drawer. I use nova so I can hide it, but every once and a while the stock app would pop back up as the stock gallary. So again would freezing these two apps be ok and wont take any functions away from the camera?

  2. Simple_fear85

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    It depends on how your aftermarket camera app is written. Some apps have all functions self-contained, others hook functions to apps that are assumed to be already installed. Try it and see! If something stops working, it won't be permanent - just defrost the stock app(s), reboot, and you'll be back where you started.

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