3's new style sim's don't work

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  1. flxmuscle

    flxmuscle New Member

    Just got a new HTC hero from 3uk and had a nightmare to get the app market and downloads started just wouldn't work!... after a week in and out off the 3 stores we found the prob. 3Hg have started using a new 6 pin sim card....the HTC and Android OS don't like them at all!!! get it swapped instore to the old style 8 pin sim card.

    Worked for me!

  2. fiish

    fiish Active Member

    I have the 'new style' 6-pin SIM cards and they work fine in my Desire.

    Whether the SIM card has 6 or 8 visible pins, only 6 actually connect to the phone's SIM card reader. There was probably something about the chip itself that was causing your issues, and not the SIM card's chip's physical design.

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