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  1. kezly87

    kezly87 New Member

    This is driving me crazy and I can't figure out how to change it:
    I'm using the 3x4 keyboard with predictive text, and I have to press the space button TWICE to make a space between words. Pressing it once simply finishes the word I was typing and doesn't move on after the last letter.
    For example, if I were to type Hello World (43556*space*96753) with only one space it would come out as helloworld. Instead I have to put (43556*space space*96753) Why do you need to press space twice to move on?!

  2. Tried em all

    Tried em all New Member

    Same issue I'm having. I've contacted Samsung but I may not of been eloquent enough with my message. They put it down to jelly bean and recommended I should try a 3rd party keyboard...... Nah, Its a bug as I've toggled every text/keyboard related option. I've always preferred 3x4 for typing and used the same keyboard on the s3 after the jelly bean update. Hope they fix it soon because its quite annoying to be honest. This and that low brightness blur are my only main issues thus far....Last thing.... Where's the page buddy gone??
  3. Tried em all

    Tried em all New Member

    Would you believe it. They fixed it in the ota update i've been in the queue for. Its rolling out now. Try.
  4. hilux

    hilux Well-Known Member

    hi all I use the same keyboard as you guys but the think I find it wont let me add words to the dictionary when I put them in come out of the dictionary they go again anyone know how to change this it used to save them but not anymore. many thanks

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